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The critical interface between AI and security: a partnership is essential

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a transformative force in the ever-evolving technology landscape, driving innovation and efficiency across numerous industries. But as we increasingly integrate AI into our lifestyles, we must pause and ask ourselves a crucial question: What is AI without security? Think of AI without security as a safe full of […]

10 mins read

HBCU students plan their career paths in America’s Music City

27 June 2024 TO UPDATE HBCU students plan their career paths in America’s Music City Launched in partnership with Apple as part of its racial equity and justice initiative, the one-year PROPEL Center Arts & Entertainment Industry Accelerator aims to increase diversity across the industry. Empathy and storytelling. Motivational and strategic leadership. These are just […]

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EasyTranslate believes that augmenting LLMs with humans will give it an advantage over pure AI translation services

You may think that new generative AI startups like Eleven laboratories are the hottest market for translation services. But language translation was long preceded by another market that startups started focusing on some time ago: content translation. Any company with an international presence needs to have its content translated worldwide, so this remains a big […]