20 years of SEO and search engine journal [Podcast]
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20 years of SEO and search engine journal [Podcast]

The journey from the beginnings of SEJ to the present

It’s our 20th anniversary! In this special commemorative episode, take an exciting journey back to some of the earliest SEO and search engine marketing days as I sit down with our founder, Loren Baker.

Come for the nostalgia, stay for the hidden gems as Loren reflects on Search Engine Journal’s impressive 20-year evolution. We delved into the unforgettable landmarks, behind-the-scenes stories and game-changing insights that shaped the industry and our reporting.

Loren’s compelling anecdotes and poignant reflections paint a bold picture of SEO’s past, present and future.

Join us in celebrating Search Engine Journal’s extraordinary legacy and inspiring a new generation of digital innovation.

Especially since our collaboration with Alpha Brand Media in 2010, led by Jenise and Brent, we have achieved notable success. Our primary goal was to expand the reach of SEJ. Despite the many changes, one thing has remained the same – our commitment to continuous experimentation. –Loren Baker, 17:17

When I was writing, my natural inclination was to include a synopsis or implications section with the post. I would explore questions like, “What does this information mean for marketers?”, “How can this be incorporated into your SEO campaign?”, or “How can you incorporate this into your day-to-day tasks?” -Loren Baker, 15:34

Some of my favorite shows are the ones where we invited everyday marketers, mostly in-house marketers, to share their experiences. They discuss how things work from a company perspective and internally. Although I used to attend a lot of conferences, I particularly liked the in-house or company-oriented sessions. As a consultant or agency representative, it has helped me understand the thought processes, challenges and difficulties faced by in-house marketers, which has improved my communication with clients and sales. –Loren Baker, 24:54

[00:00] – Origin and original vision of Search Engine Journal
[07:15] – Important changes in SEO since the introduction of sej
[11:33] – The Impact of the Rise of Social Media on SEO Strategy
[15:34] – Applying SEO messages to marketing campaigns
[16:31] – Importance of experimentation in SEO and marketing
[17:17] – Growth and development of SEJ with Alpha Brand Media
[18:29] – Learn from past mistakes and wrong decisions
[20:22] – Maintaining the editorial integrity and accuracy of SEJ
[21:12] – Keep SEJ relevant given AI advances
[24:02] – The most influential interview conducted on the podcast
[27:04] – Evolution of the challenges faced by marketers
[30:40] – Influence of AI and SGE on the future of SEO
[32:02] – Debunking the “Is SEO dead” myth
[38:13] – Proudest moments after two decades at SEJ
[41:04] – Future plans for SEJ & Loren’s personal career
[42:43] – Possibility of an AI chatbot by Loren Baker
[44:55] – Dominating reporting without being the first
[45:47] – Making news stories more evergreen for audiences
[47:55] – Creating engaging content for less exciting topics
[49:58] – Influence of trends on the content creation process
[51:13] – How SEJ influenced Loren’s worldview and approach to work

Early on, I worked with several companies that wanted to start blogs. However, they hesitated because they didn’t think they had anything valuable to discuss. –Loren Baker, 47:55

Search and search traffic have evolved from being purely a vanity metric to being a more long-tail and conversion-driven metric. –Loren Baker, 27:13

The one thing I love about this industry is that it’s always changing. I love keeping on top of everything quest, tech, and everything else, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I will continue to help raise this puppy. – Loren Baker, 42:16

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Meet Loren Baker: a pioneer in digital marketing, the mastermind behind Search Engine Journal (SEJ) and an authority on SEO. As the founder of SEJ, he has built a powerhouse of cutting-edge SEO insights and news and has become a beacon for marketers and industry enthusiasts worldwide.

But Loren’s passion for digital excellence doesn’t stop at SEJ. As a consultant at Alpha Brand Media, he brings strategic vision to every decision and continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in digital media.

At the helm of Foundation Digital, Loren develops bespoke digital marketing strategies that are redefining business success. His penchant for innovative solutions and his keen sense of the pulse of the industry make him a dynamic and effective leader.

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