6 new Reddit Ads Manager tools to simplify ad creation and tracking
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6 new Reddit Ads Manager tools to simplify ad creation and tracking

Reddit Ads Manager has been updated to make creating and tracking campaigns more efficient.

The platform now offers six new automated features designed to give advertisers easy access to creative best practices.

Why it matters to us. These updates provide advertisers with easier ways to create campaigns and receive creative support, which could be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited resources.

Smart headlines. This new tool automatically generates a variety of ad copy tailored to Reddit's unique audience. To use it, advertisers simply need to enter their website's URL.

Creative asset cropper. This new tool allows advertisers to crop images to meet Reddit ad format specifications, making the upload process easier.

Lowest cost automated bidding strategy. This new tool is designed to help advertisers maximize campaign results within their budget by automatically setting an advertising cost amount. Originally used by advertisers focused on traffic and ease of creation, it is now available to those with conversion and install goals.

Average daily budgets. This update automates advertisers' daily budgets to align with their total spend for the week, reducing the need for manual adjustments to adjust for spending fluctuations.

Updated campaign management. Reddit has expanded its duplication and bulk editing capabilities to now allow advertisers to duplicate existing campaigns, ad groups, or ads and use them as a template for new ones. Additionally, the bulk editing tool features a new user interface that enables faster edits and optimizations for campaigns.

Report improvements to the Reddit dashboard. Reddit has updated its dashboard interface to make it clearer for advertisers to track their campaign performance in real-time. The updates offer improved usability, new charts to display performance metrics, and additional report filtering options for custom tracking.

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What Reddit says. Jim Squires, EVP of Business Marketing and Growth at Reddit, said in a statement:

  • “Every campaign on Reddit is unique and we are focused on meeting the needs of our advertisers while providing best practices in creativity, strategy and campaign management.”
  • “Our goal is to use automation to make it easier to create the best, most relevant advertising experiences for advertisers and users alike. Smart Headlines, for example, is an intuitive tool that all Reddit advertisers can use to effectively engage with their audience.”