AI-powered tools to increase productivity
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AI-powered tools to increase productivity

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft 365 Copilot, a breakthrough AI-powered tool to increase productivity and creativity in the workplace.

By combining the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) with data from the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps, Copilot promises to become an indispensable resource for business professionals worldwide.

Copilot: A powerful assistant for Microsoft 365 users

Microsoft 365 Copilot works with popular apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. The aim is to help users increase their creativity, increase efficiency and sharpen their skills.

This AI-driven tool helps create documents, explore data, and design presentations.
Here’s how Copilot improves the following Microsoft apps:

  • Microsoft Word: Copilot can write, edit, summarize and create content in Word. It can make suggestions on how to improve your writing and help you choose an appropriate tone.
  • Microsoft Excel: In Excel, Copilot can help you analyze and explore data using natural language queries. It can uncover correlations, suggest scenarios, and suggest new formulas based on your questions.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Copilot can turn your ideas into visually compelling presentations, creating decks of speaker notes and sources, or starting a new presentation from a prompt or outline.
  • MicrosoftOutlook: Copilot helps manage your inbox and messages to save time and improve communication. It can summarize email threads, draft replies, and create calendar invites.

Introduction to business chat

Business Chat is a new feature that works across your data and apps to streamline your work.

It connects information from documents, presentations, emails, calendars, notes and contacts to provide a seamless experience in Microsoft Teams.

In total

Microsoft 365 Copilot has the potential to revolutionize the way we all work.

By automating everyday tasks, users can focus on the creative aspects of their work and save valuable time.

Microsoft is testing Copilot with select customers and plans to expand previews in the coming months.

Microsoft notes that Copilot adheres to the company’s AI principles, responsible AI standards, and data security commitments.

Prioritizing human action and user control, the tool encourages users to review, review, and optimize generated content.


Featured Image: Screenshot from, March 2023.