Apple confirms fix for iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating issues coming soon
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Apple confirms fix for iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating issues coming soon

Close-up of the display edges of the iPhone 15 Pro

Blame Uber and Asphalt 9 for causing your iPhone 15 Pro to run hot.
Photo: Apple

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 15 ProThe overheating issues are not due to the new A17 Pro chip. A bug in iOS 17 and some third-party apps are to blame.

The company will roll out a software update to resolve the issue. We are also working with third-party developers on this issue.

Apple will soon fix iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues

Apple has identified some conditions that can cause its new iPhones to run hotter than expected. This is because of one iOS 17 Bug that will be fixed with an update.

The company also points this out popular third-party apps like Instagram, Uber and Asphalt 9 cause the new iPhones to run hotter than usual. While Instagram has already provided a fix, Apple is working with other developers to address the issue.

“We have identified some conditions that may cause iPhone to run warmer than expected. Due to increased background activity, the device may feel warmer in the first few days after setup or restore. We’ve also found a bug in iOS 17 that’s affecting some users and will be fixed in a software update. Another issue concerns some recent updates to third-party apps that cause system overload. We are working with these app developers on fixes that are currently being rolled out,” Apple said in its statement Forbes.

Apple’s statement says that the iPhone 15 Pro may be a little warm for a few days after the initial setup. This is due to the increased background activity.

No power throttling to prevent overheating

Apple also confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro’s heating issues are not due to the titanium railing. contradicts current reports. In fact, the new titanium and aluminum frame is better for heat dissipation.

Additionally, the Cupertino giant will not throttle the performance of the A17 Pro to reduce the heat issues.

It will be interesting to see how much the upcoming iOS 17 release and third-party app updates help resolve the overheating issues. And whether this update also has a positive effect on battery life.