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Apple, Google and the fight against Internet shoppers

Over the years, Google has always seen that Apple’s main business coincides with its business technology, although this year I couldn’t keep up because I often had to deal with the competition and chose to build my own engine.

This period was intensified in 2021 when Google paid $18,000 million for Apple to manage the engine of the Google bus as a predetermined choice on the iPhone public. Before this year, Spotlight, Apple’s business tool for the iPhone, featured users getting more valuable results online than they found on Google.

From a confidential perspective, Google cannot put any limits on Apple’s ambitions in the business world. Two internal Google documents reviewed by The New York Times have tasked the company with finding Spotlight Forms to create its own version for the iPhone and convince more device users to adopt Google’s Chrome web navigation system and use Safari from Apple. Meanwhile, Google is weakening Apple’s approval control over the iPhone A new Europe They need to target the small businesses to compete with the big tech companies.

Google’s anti-Apple plan shows how important it is for their employees to remain in control of their business with customers. Learn more about the company’s extensive relationship with Apple, a consumer and software competitor that has had a social fundamental in Google’s mobile device advertising business for more than a decade.

The relationship consists of objects of study historical demand antimonopolio que presents the Department of Justice and Decenas de States using Google. The Abogados del Gobierno han argumentado que Google has found the market In this way, the company brokered contact with companies like Apple, Samsung and Mozilla while their company was predetermined. These agreements that channel traffic have left the engine of Google’s bus station once bus users have received information in the upper barra of a navigator.

On October 26, Google released a presentation covering three weeks of its defense in the juice of demand, a process that took several months. Recently, the company minimized its employees’ paper with phone makers and navigation companies when it got started. The argument that your bus engine is popular with you Quality and innovation And users can easily or predeterminedly set the configuration of their devices.

However, the documents that the Times revised denied that Google understood the preset values ​​in the hour of channeling and users created a product with the intention of Apple’s choice of Safari as a preset web navigator for the iPhone has changed.

“The competency in the technology industry is tough and competitive with Apple in many areas,” commented Google spokesman Peter Schottenfels. “Currently we needed more information because our engineers have already driven many kilometers in recent years with the guarantee, which has given us the most useful results.”

Schottenfels agreed that Google was enabled based on the default configuration because it is important for users to be able to make changes and do so. Apple has asked us to comment.

The documents were read when the car was over and the Google ejecutivos were brought back together to debate how the company would become less dependent on Apple’s Safari navigator and the best way to create a new ley in To use Europe to get the iPhone manufacturer. As Google considers various options, including the amount of data aimed at accessing the iPhone, it is not clear what kind of decision we are making.

In this sense, the European Union (EU) prepared the Digital Market, designed to give companies even more granular control over the large technology sector. Google, being one of the largest Internet companies in the world, we have a chance.

Under the law, the EU is beholden to large tech companies, known as “gatekeepers.” Differentiate your platform from competitors Before March, with local conditions and the possibility of assigning users to use the services and favor their services on their platforms.

It is clear that Apple is obliged to give its customers in the EU the opportunity to download competing applications. Users who have configured a new Apple device in Europe can also use the option to use a preset browser for Safari.

The documents that Google published are committed to allowing greater competence in the market and exploring the forms of pressure on EU regulators to understand Apple’s software ecosystem as it no longer has control Please note that Google Safari and Spotlight users can use. The Ejecutivos-Debattieron-Cuán-Agresiva must be available to the company in the last week about access to the Apple operator system.

The Google ejecutives note that the users they want to use can read triple the number of European iPhone users they want to connect to Chrome, followed by the documents they reviewed in the Times. That means the company has to advertise more in stores and pay less to Apple.

The normative objectives that existed for companies at the beginning of the market “can also be used with the frequency of dominant operators to make profits over their rivals,” commented Gus Hurwitz, senior academic at the Escuela de Derecho Carey The Universidad de Pensilvania specializes in technology and expertise.

Google and Apple have partnered with the Safari engine since 2002, a highlight before the debut of the iPhone. The relationship was more complicated when Google launched the Android mobile system in 2008, a direct competitor to the iPhone.

Google has been dealing with Apple’s Spotlight for a few days now. In 2014, an international presentation analyzed what impact Apple’s iOS 8 operating system could have on Google’s access. The second page of the presentation is entitled “In the CV: it’s time”, i.e. one presentation This also included evidence in the Antimonopoly Act.

“Be advised that you seek advice from Google in areas where Spotlight is enabled,” the company wrote.

In 2018, Apple saw “robot“John Giannandrea, a Google employee specialist, worked with his employees to build a more powerful Spotlight system. The highlights of 2021 around iOS 15, the general preoccupation with Google over Apple’s intentions in the marketplace, point to a person familiar with the conversations.

According to the documents and in the response, Google has taken an initiative to create its own version of Spotlight, which aims to work on the iPhone. In this release, you can quickly see data and information about archives, notes, and applications for users.

A few years ago, Apple didn’t use Spotlight to conduct commercial consultations – the announcements in its results – from Google because of lack of decision-making when negotiating with Google customers.

Without the documents, a year ago, when Google employees took the form of convincing the EU to design Spotlight as an engine. Spotlight content in five different browser functions to display web images; Answers and results that are “amazing” and provide additional information such as photos and a universal search result can search across devices, applications and the web. The EU has not yet decided to put spotlight on one of its most important competences.

The advice that Google wants to pass on its targets to small businesses has been frustrated by some legal experts.

“It is preferable that companies are equipped with the feature of merit so that consumers can use their products that offer products of great quality,” Hurwitz said. “It takes no effort to approach the European Union and qualify for access to their competitors’ platforms.”

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