AWS Weekly Roundup – Application Load Balancer IPv6, Amazon S3 Pricing Update, Amazon EC2 Flex Instances, and More (May 20, 2024)
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AWS Weekly Roundup – Application Load Balancer IPv6, Amazon S3 Pricing Update, Amazon EC2 Flex Instances, and More (May 20, 2024)

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AWS Summit The season is in full swing around the world with the events of last week Bengaluru, BerlinAnd Seoulwhere my blog colleague Channy gave one of the keynote speeches.

Keynote at the AWS Summit Seoul

Last week's launches
Here are some product launches that caught my attention:

Amazon S3 no longer charges for multiple HTTP error codesA customer reported how he was charged for Amazon S3 API requests that he did not initiate and that resulted in this AccessDenied Mistake. The Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) The service team has updated the service to no longer charge for such API requests. As always, when it comes to pricing, precise wording is important For more details, see the What's New post.

Introducing Amazon EC2 C7i flex instances – These instances deliver up to 19 percent better price-performance ratio compared to C6i instances. Using C7i Flex instances is the easiest way for you to achieve price/performance benefits for most compute-intensive workloads. The new instances are powered by 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable Custom processors (Sapphire Rapids), which are only available on AWS and offer 5 percent lower pricing compared to C7i.

Application Load Balancer introduces IPv6-only support for Internet clientsApplication load balancer now allows customers to deploy load balancers without IPv4 to clients that can only connect over IPv6. To connect, clients can resolve AAAA DNS records assigned to the Application Load Balancer. The Application Load Balancer continues to be dual-stack for communication between the load balancer and the targets. This new feature gives you the flexibility to use both IPv4 and IPv6 for your application targets while avoiding IPv4 charges for clients that do not require it.

Amazon VPC Lattice now supports TLS passthroughh – We have announced the general availability of TLS passthrough for Amazon VPC Lattice, allowing customers to enable end-to-end authentication and encryption using their existing TLS or mTLS implementations. Prior to this launch, VPC Lattice only supported HTTP and HTTPS listener protocols, which terminate TLS and perform request-level routing and load balancing based on information in HTTP headers.

Amazon DocumentDB Zero ETL integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service – This new integration gives you advanced search features such as fuzzy search, cross-collection search and multilingual search on your Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Documents using the OpenSearch API. With a few clicks in the AWS Management ConsoleYou can now sync your Amazon DocumentDB data with Amazon OpenSearch Service so you don't have to write custom code to extract, transform, and load the data.

Amazon EventBridge now supports customer managed keys (CMK) for event buses – This feature allows you to encrypt your events with your own keys instead of an AWS-owned key (which is used by default). With Support for CMKYou now have finer security control over your events to meet your organization's security requirements and governance policies.

For a complete list of AWS announcements, visit the AWS What's New page.

More AWS news
Here are some additional news, open source projects, and Twitch shows you might find interesting:

The four pillars of email reputation management – Dustin Taylor is the anti-abuse and email deliverability manager at Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). He wrote a notable post about the Amazon SES approach to managing domain and IP reputation. Maintaining a high reputation ensures an optimal email address for the recipient. In its post, Amazon SES describes how Amazon SES protects its network reputation to help you consistently deliver high-quality email. It's worth reading even if you don't send emails on a large scale. I learned a lot.

AWS is built on generative AIBuild on generative AI – Season 3 of your favorite weekly Twitch show the topic of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is in full swing! Streaming every Monday, 9:00am US PT, my colleagues Tiffany And Darko Discuss various aspects of generative AI and invite guest speakers to demonstrate their work.

AWS Open Source news and updates – My colleague Ricardo writes that weekly open source newsletterhighlighting new open source projects, tools, and demos from the AWS community.

Upcoming AWS Events

AWS Summit – Attend free online and in-person events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn more about AWS. Register in your nearest city: Hong Kong (May 22), Milan (23. May), Stockholm (June 4) and Madrid (5 June).

AWS re:Inforce – Discover 2.5 days of comprehensive learning on cloud security in the age of generative AI at AWS re:Inforce10th-12th June in Pennsylvania.

AWS Community Days – Attend community-led conferences that feature technical discussions, workshops, and hands-on labs led by experienced AWS users and industry leaders from around the world: Midwest | Columbus (June 13th), Sri Lanka (June 27th), Cameroon (July 13), Nigeria (August 24) and new York (August 28th).

Browse all upcoming AWS conducted in-person and virtual events And Developer focused events.

That's all for this week. Check back next Monday for another weekly recap!

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