AWS Weekly Roundup: AWS Control Tower, Amazon Bedrock, Amazon OpenSearch Service, and More (October 9, 2023)

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As the Northern Hemisphere enjoys early fall and pumpkins take over local farmers markets and coffee flavors here in the United States, we too are just 50 days away from re:Invent 2023! But before we officially enter Before:Invent season, let’s take a look at some of the exciting news and announcements from the last week.

Last week’s launches
Here are some product launches that caught my attention:

AWS Control Tower – AWS Control Tower published 22 proactive controls and 10 AWS Security Hub Detective controls help you meet regulatory requirements and achieve control objectives such as encrypting data in transit, encrypting data at rest, or using strong authentication. For more details and a list of controls, see Check out the AWS Control Tower User Guide.

Amazon bedrock – Just a week later Amazon Bedrock became available Amazon Bedrock is now available in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions Available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region.. To get started building and scaling generative AI applications with basic models, check out the Amazon Bedrock documentationdiscover the Generative AI space at community.awsand familiarize yourself with it Amazon Bedrock Workshop.

Amazon OpenSearch service – You can now Run OpenSearch version 2.9 in the Amazon OpenSearch Service with improvements to search, observability, security analysis, and machine learning (ML) capabilities. OpenSearch Service has expanded support for geospatial data aggregations in version 2.9 to gain insight into a high-level overview of trends and patterns and establish correlations within the data. OpenSearch Service 2.9 now too comes with OpenSearch service integrations to take advantage of new schema standards such as OpenTelemetry supports management and overlay of alerts and anomalies on dashboard visualization line charts.

Amazon SageMakerThe SageMaker Feature Store now supports a fully managed in-memory online store to help you get real-time model deployment capabilities for high-throughput ML applications. The new online store is based on ElastiCache for Redis, an in-memory data store based on open source Redis. The SageMaker Developer Guide has all the details.

Also, SageMaker Model Registry has added support for private model repositories. You can now register models stored in private Docker repositories and track all your models across multiple private AWS and non-AWS model repositories in a centralized service, enabling ML operations (MLOps) and ML governance be simplified on a large scale. The SageMaker Developer Guide shows you how to get started.

Amazon SageMaker CanvasSageMaker Canvas has expanded its support for ready-to-use models to include Foundation Models (FMs).. You can now access FMs like Claude 2, Amazon Titan, and Jurassic-2 (powered by Amazon Bedrock), as well as publicly available models like Falcon and MPT (powered by SageMaker JumpStart), through a no-code chat interface. Visit the SageMaker Developer Guide for more details.

For a complete list of AWS announcements, visit the AWS What’s New page.

More AWS news
Here are some additional blog posts and news you may find interesting:

Behind the scenes of AWS contributions to open source databases – This post highlights some of the more substantial open source contributions AWS has made to upstream databases over the past two years, introduces some key contributors, and explains how AWS approaches upstream work in our database services.

Quickly and cost-effectively fine-tune Llama 2 with AWS Trainium – This post shows you how to optimize Meta’s Llama 2 model on AWS Trainium, an accelerator specifically designed for LLM training, to reduce training time and costs.

Meta’s Code Llama code generation models are now available through Amazon SageMaker JumpStart – You can now deploy Code Llama FMs developed by Meta in SageMaker JumpStart with one click. This post will walk you through the details.

Upcoming AWS events
Check your calendars and register for these AWS events:

Build on AWS – Generative AIBuild on generative AI – Season 2 of this weekly Twitch show the topic of generative AI is in full swing! Every Monday, 9:00 am US PT, my colleagues Emily And Darko Check out new technical and scientific patterns on AWS, invite guest speakers to demonstrate their work, and show us how they built something new to advance the state of generative AI. In today’s episodeEmily and Darko discussed how to translate unstructured documents into structured data. Check out the show notes and full episode list at

AWS Community Days – Attend a community-led conference hosted by AWS User Group Leaders in your region: DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) (October 13th), Italy (October 18th), United Arab Emirates (October 21), Jaipur (November 4th), Vadodara (November 4th) and Brazil (November 4th).

AWS InnovationAWS Innovate: Any application edition – Join our free online conference to explore innovative ways to improve security and reliability, optimize performance on a budget, accelerate application development, and revolutionize your applications with generative AI. Register for AWS Innovate Online America And EMEA on October 19th and AWS Innovate Online Asia Pacific and Japan on October 26th.

AWS re:Invent 2023AWS re:Invent (November 27th – December 1st) – Join us Get the latest from AWS, learn from experts, and connect with the global cloud community. Browse the Session Catalog And Participant Guide and take a look at them re:Invent highlights for generative AI.

You can browse all upcoming in-person and virtual events.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Monday for another weekly recap!


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