Be a better brand storyteller [Podcast]
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Be a better brand storyteller [Podcast]

Learn to communicate your brand effectively

In the world of SEO, search engine marketing, and content marketing, it’s becoming increasingly clear that understanding the customer’s needs, wants, and lifestyle is equally important in building your brand’s unique personality and story.

Ryan Kutscher, the creative force and founder of CIRCUS MAXIMUS, joined me on the SEJShow to talk about how his team creates compelling brand narratives. We shared her use of ikigai, a deep Japanese concept that translates to “a reason for being.”

This concept is a remarkable tool in her storytelling arsenal, offering a new perspective that brings depth and purpose to her narratives. In this episode, we gain valuable insights into how Ikigai can be leveraged to create more meaningful and impactful stories, ultimately adding a rich layer of authenticity to your brand narrative.

​​We’re taking a step back to allow brands to think more narratively about what the story they want to tell is. And then think about how they apply that to the customer journey and not tactics first, which just makes your head explode these days. –Ryan Kutscher, 04:38

Sometimes, as a business owner or executive, you assume that the entire organization is receiving the mission and that what you are saying is a human mission. One of the things that is missing from the workplace, and has been missing from the workplace for the last 20 to 30 years, is purpose. What wakes you up in the morning? -Loren Baker, 07:22

[00:00] – About Ryan
[02:43] – How they create unforgettable brand narratives and characters
[08:50] – How human mission and passion come into play.
[11:57] – The example of Mark Cuban.
[16:05] – How to start with the voice of the customer.
[17:48] – How do companies generate revenue by pinpointing passion and mission?
[19:39] – Example Uber & Lyft.
[24:46] – The In & Out Burger example.
[28:36] – Brands Ryan worked on the application of Ikigai.
[32:11] – Other ways listeners can use the ikigai concept.
[34:56] – How important is video?

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The first question we ask is: why? Why does your brand do what it does? What is the purpose of the brand? The answer isn’t to make money or increase sales by a quarter. It’s not a business goal. It’s a human mission. When everyone can answer those questions in the same way, or at least understand how the brand wants to answer those questions, they start working on that idea or that narrative, and that then helps them do their jobs better and hopefully helps them, to tell their story better, to tell the story better. There’s an internal role in answering those questions and having that shared narrative, and there’s an external role. So this is where it starts, on purpose. –Ryan Kutscher, 05:32

People like Mark Cuban who are successful entrepreneurs understand that you start with the mission and then build the company from there. You don’t start with the company and then build a mission backwards. And when you have a well-defined mission, the people you need to help you build that business will come to you because they are drawn to the mission. And some of those people are customers. So this is the power of mission. –Ryan Kutscher, 13:32

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Ryan Kutscher is at the helm of Circus Maximus, an innovative agency that is changing the advertising landscape. With a unique model that unifies branding, content and media, Ryan, Founder and CEO, has brought brands to global platforms, collaborating with industry giants and emerging startups.

Beyond his leadership role, Ryan is known for his creative outlook on life. He champions entrepreneurship within his team and pushes them to incorporate creativity into their daily lives. And amidst it all, he finds joy in the company of his Australian Shepherd, Rudder.

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