Bing Chat introduces 4 upgrades

Bing announced a series of updates to its AI-powered chatbot experience. These updates include:

  1. Pictures in chat: Bing may provide image responses to your requests.
  2. Replies optimized by topic: Bing has improved the way information about topics like shopping, weather, finance, and cars is presented, making it easier for users to compare and understand the information.
  3. Improved copy and paste: Bing Chat now allows for a smoother process when copying code or other formatted blocks of text.
  4. Improved text formatting: You can now add text formatting such as paragraphs, bullets, or numbering to your chat prompts.

Building on the features announced earlier this month, these updates demonstrate Bing’s commitment to refining its chat experience in response to user feedback.

Images in chat replies

Because search is inherently a visual experience, Bing has introduced images as part of its chat responses.

When you ask a question about a specific topic, such as flamingos or capybaras, in Bing Chat, you’ll see a picture of those animals next to the answer.

You can click on the image to open a knowledge map that provides plenty of additional information about the animal’s habitat, diet, life cycle and more.

Bing plans to expand this feature to cover more topics, improving users’ visual and informative experience.

Replies optimized by topic

Bing has optimized answers for various topics including shopping, weather, finance, and cars.

The visuals that appear at the end of text-based replies have been redesigned to better match the Bing Chat experience.

For example, when using the chat to shop, you can compare items side-by-side, which is a significant improvement over the previous features.

Improved copy and paste experience

Improved copying and pasting when Bing chat generates code or other formatted blocks of text.

You’ll now see a separate Copy button, which you can use to quickly drop the text somewhere else. This simplifies the process of sharing information from Bing chat.

Improved text formatting

Finally, Bing lets you include text formatting like paragraphs, bullets, or numbering when you type or copy prompts into Bing chat.

This improvement supports more structured and readable chat input and contributes to a smoother and more intuitive user experience5.

Bing continues to solicit and appreciate user feedback as it strives to provide a rich and engaging search experience.

With these new features and updates, Bing aims to further refine its chat experience, demonstrating its commitment to improving user interaction and satisfaction.

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