Bing Chat introduces LaTeX support and improves message grounding
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Bing Chat introduces LaTeX support and improves message grounding

Microsoft has announced several updates to its AI-powered chatbot, Bing Chat, that improve its ability to process complex mathematical expressions.

Additionally, Microsoft is improving the Bing chat user experience in a number of ways.

Microsoft has detailed the latest developments in a blog post. Here is an overview of the main highlights.

LaTeX support

A major update introduced by Bing Chat is support for LaTeX markup.

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system that is widely used for creating technical and scientific documentation.

Bing Chat Introduces LaTeX Support & Improves Message GroundingScreenshot from:, April 2023.

As the de facto standard for communicating and publishing scientific documents, LaTeX is known for its ability to accurately represent complex mathematical expressions.

With LaTeX support now built into Bing Chat, you can expect mathematical equations and formulas to display accurately.

This new feature helps with learning math concepts and writing technical research papers.

Reducing end-of-call triggers

Microsoft is taking steps to address user feedback on end-of-conversation triggers.

Some users reported that Bing Chat would occasionally end conversations prematurely, displaying messages like “I’m sorry, but I prefer not to continue this conversation” or “It might be time to move on to a new topic.”

In response, Microsoft is reducing the frequency of such cases and continues to investigate cases where conversations are unnecessarily terminated.

News Grounding: Improving the quality of responses to news-related requests

Microsoft has improved Bing Chat’s ability to answer questions about messages.

News Grounding refers to the ability to provide accurate and relevant information about current events and news topics.

With an improved news base, expect more informed answers to questions like “What’s the breaking news today?”.

Microsoft says it will continue to make fundamental improvements based on user feedback.

Bug fixes and technical improvements

In addition to the major updates mentioned above, Bing Chat is receiving a number of bug fixes and technical improvements.

This includes reducing unnecessary duplicate searches and minimizing errors that result in Bing Chat not responding to certain queries.

These updates demonstrate Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve the user experience in Bing Chat and to address specific pain points.

For more information about these updates, see Microsoft’s official announcement.


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