Top trends in IT skills in the UK for 2024

After a turbulent 2023 marked by job cuts at major technology companies, the outlook for IT professionals in the UK could look brighter in 2024. Tech workers looking for new jobs may find there is a particular demand for artificial intelligence and cloud expertise, as well as a need for soft skills around communication and … Read more

How a large bank rebuilt its cloud

Cloud Computing News

The telecommunications and banking sectors have a little more in common than you might think. While many analysts have postulated a technological future in which the two sectors grow together, there is another area of ​​similarity. Both have strong core competencies and a significant user base; Yet both still run on a lot of outdated … Read more

Promoting a cloud operating model in education

The pandemic forced schools and universities around the world to digitize teaching, learning, services and operations. While this process was painful and challenging, it led to a period of “forced innovation” that had a silver lining. Institutions found that some activities could be performed equally well or better remotely. For example, some students preferred learning … Read more

VMware Cloud Director Availability Content Pack 2.1

We are pleased to announce that the VMware Cloud Director Availability Content Pack for VMware Aria Operations for Logs 2.1 is now available. It supports the latest product versions and is aligned with the additional VMware Cloud Director availability protocols added therein. Interoperability This new version of the content pack supports: VMware Cloud Director Availability … Read more

Akamai’s Michael Kleef reveals key changes in the cloud landscape

Michael Kleef

Welcome to a conversation with Michael Kleef, vice president of product marketing, developer advocacy and competitive intelligence at Akamai Technologies. Today we have the honor of him sharing his insights with Cloud Tweaks on several key questions surrounding the dynamic world of cloud computing. Michael’s extensive experience and strong understanding of the industry make him … Read more

New for AWS Amplify – Querying MySQL and PostgreSQL databases for AWS CDK

Today we’re announcing general availability to connect and query your existing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with support for AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), a new feature for building a secure, real-time GraphQL API for your relational database inside or outside of Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can now generate the entire API for all … Read more

Rimini Street challenges ERP software business models in Australia

ERP infographic.

Since 2005, Rimini Street has grown by offering ERP customers the choice to extend the life of their products or access support at discounted rates, CEO Seth Ravin tells TechRepublic. Image: Adobe/Hengki Image: Seth Ravin Rimini street reported revenue for the third quarter of 2023 at US$107.5 million (AU$163 million), up 5.4% from the same … Read more

AWS and SoftwareOne are collaborating on RISE with SAP

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SoftwareOne Holding AG, a global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, has partnered to help customers transition to RISE with SAP in an AWS cloud environment. Called Ready for RISE on AWS bundle up, It combines SoftwareOne’s extensive SAP consulting and implementation expertise with AWS technologies to accelerate … Read more