How to Create and Use a Docker Secret From a File (+ Video)

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to create and use a Docker secret to keep your data secure. Secrets are a very important part of container and service deployment because they encrypt passwords, API keys, certificates, and other information that you need to keep secret within the container. If you stored those credentials or … Read more

Mainframe modernisation driving $12bn+ cost savings for businesses

Cloud Computing News

Kyndryl, an IT infrastructure services provider, has unveiled the results of its first global survey and analysis on the current and future state of enterprise mainframe modernization. The survey of 500 business and IT leaders found that most companies are taking a hybrid approach to mainframe modernization, collectively achieving $12.5 billion in cost savings. In … Read more

Expand Secure Network Analytics with Cisco XDR

With the increasing adoption of XDR (Extended Detection and Response), the architectural question arises as to how NDR (Network Detection and Response and XDR) work together. Network detection and response tools have matured in customers’ architectures over the years. NDRs continuously monitor networks and associated devices using telemetry data collected from network devices, generated by … Read more

Cisco and F5 Innovations Power Enhanced Application Performance in a Hybrid and Multi-cloud World

Hybrid and multi-clouds have become a reality when it comes to deploying applications, software, infrastructure, security and other critical network functions at scale. While hybrid and multi-cloud solutions provide flexibility that can help our customers optimize costs, they can also introduce their own risks and operational complexities. Application-centric infrastructure (ACI) And Nexus dashboard, two of … Read more

Farewell EC2-Classic, it’s been swell

Discontinuing services is not something we do at AWS. It’s pretty rare. Companies rely on our offerings – their company literally lives from these services – and we take that seriously. For example, SimpleDB still exists, although DynamoDB is the “NoSQL” database of choice for our customers. So, two years ago, when Jeff Barr has … Read more

The Transformative Influence of Executive Leadership

Jeff Immelt

“Leadership is the ability to transform vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis Leaders set the vision and direction for the organization, create a culture of trust and collaboration, and motivate and inspire employees to achieve their goals. You are also responsible for making difficult decisions and taking risks. Good leadership is essential for any organization … Read more

Keys for digital transformation success

Cloud Computing News

Lenovo is turning to Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) to help businesses manage their digital transformation – and the stars now appear to be aligning for an end-to-end landscape. The value proposition is straightforward: a provider is a one-stop shop for planning, procuring and managing a customer’s IT environment, offering comprehensive maintenance, support and management, real-time insights and … Read more