Use this strategy to wipe your fraudulent competitors off the map

This could be due to Mike Blumenthal’s theory Near media: that Google’s spam detection AI has been trained on a limited number of confirmed spam emails. If reviewers or company profiles show patterns similar to those in this limited data set, their reviews will be automatically filtered. This could explain why evolving spam methods like … Read more

How to take marketing campaigns from good to great [Webinar]

What separates a great performance marketing campaign from the average ones? In this fast-paced digital landscape, are you doing whatever it takes to keep up with recent advances and increasing consumer demands? With the widespread adoption of AI and other cutting-edge technologies, 2023 has proven to be a pivotal year of change. And as technology … Read more

How a web design agency in Toronto can help grow your business

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What factors contribute to high on-page SEO results (but low domain authority)?

Today’s Ask An SEO question comes from Sommer asking: What factors could contribute to high on-page SEO results but low domain authority? Today we’re going to tackle a topic that many website owners find puzzling: the relationship between on-page SEO scores and domain authority. As you know, on-page SEO is about enhancing individual webpages with … Read more

Improving User Experience: Optimizing a website for easy navigation

Delivering a seamless user experience on your business website is critical to its success. One of the key aspects to improve user experience is Optimizing your website for easy navigation. By understanding user expectations and optimizing your site’s navigation structure, you can create a user-friendly environment that keeps visitors engaged and satisfied. Here are some … Read more

Bing AI Chat and Copilot available for search in Google Chrome

Google Chrome users can now access Bing AI chat and Microsoft AI-powered search results from desktop browsers. Bing/Google Chrome screenshot, July 2023 For months, only users signed into Microsoft accounts could access the AI ​​chat interface via the Bing app or Microsoft Edge browser. Bing AI Chat in Google Chrome Now you can chat with … Read more

How to add or claim an Opendi business listing

Opendi is an international business directory with a presence in 29 different countries. Each country has its own unique domain, but each country works in the same way. With 29 countries spanning five continents, it has grown into a top business directory, helping people discover your local business. In this guide you will learn how … Read more

The future of the “everything app”

After a radical rebranding over the weekend, Twitter is now X. The iconic bird logo has been replaced with a new X logo across the social network, and the official @Twitter account has also been renamed X. Screenshot by X/Twitter, July 2023 Elon Musk, who bought the former social network Twitter in October 2022, has … Read more

5 tips for updating and maintaining an established business website

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