Google’s on-domain name selection: branding via keywords

In a recent episode of the Search Off The Record podcast, Google’s Search Relations team, made up of John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt, addressed a topic often debated among website owners and SEO professionals: the impact of keywords in domain names on search engine rankings. The keyword controversy The discussion started with Mueller … Read more

WooCommerce merchants can now sell directly on TikTok

WooCommerce announces a partnership with TikTok, inviting all WooCommerce store owners in the United States to a new program that will allow merchants to market directly to TikTok users through a TikTok store. The new program, currently in beta status, gives store owners access to an audience of over 150 million, 61% of whom engage … Read more

68 SEO Experts to Follow in Threads

Instagram Threads, the new social media platform on the market, seems like a strong contender to be adopted as the new SEO hotspot. The social media space in the SEO community has seen many disruptions over the last year. Twitter has always been a popular hangout until Elon Musk bought it and many people started … Read more

OpenAI increases GPT 4 messages in ChatGPT to 50

The number of messages ChatGPT Plus users can send using the GPT-4 model has increased from 25 to 50 every three hours. We’re doubling the number of messages ChatGPT Plus customers can send to GPT-4. The new limit will be introduced next week and is 50 per 3 hours. — OpenAI (@OpenAI) July 19, … Read more

Twitter launches job postings for verified organizations

Twitter is about to officially launch new features that will allow verified organizations to post job openings on Twitter profiles. Some verified organizations have already published job offers. Screenshot from Twitter, July 2023 The jobs listed below the Twitter bio and the target group numbers refer interested applicants directly to the job advertisement on the … Read more

Essential GA4 reports you need to measure your SEO campaigns

It’s been hard not to hear or talk about GA4 over the past year. It was one of Google’s most talked about updates in the SEO community and beyond – although it wasn’t directly linked to SEO strategy or tactics. Google Analytics is the popular platform for monitoring, measuring and understanding interactions with our websites. … Read more

Google’s tips to improve your business’ reputation and trust

Google recently provided guidance on how businesses can build trust with their customers in a document published on the Google Merchant Center. The recommendations focus on four main areas: Creation of business legitimacy be transparent online reputation management, Have a professional design aesthetic. This article summarizes Google’s suggestions into an actionable checklist that business owners … Read more

How to spot and eliminate keyword cannibalization

Wondering why you don’t seem to be ranking high for keywords you’re definitely targeting? Do you want to know what costs content cannibalization could cost you and how you can effectively counteract it? On June 28th, I hosted a webinar with search experts Jon Earnshaw, Chief Product Evangelist, and Sophie Moule, Head of Product & … Read more

Wix AI Site Generator creates the entire website: images, text

Wix releases details about its AI Site Generator, which can create a full website including text, images, and unique site design. Subsequent editing and customization is done with more AI-based tools. Wix site builder Wix has made a name for itself as a platform that enables anyone to get online quickly with an attractive website. … Read more

Meta improves video features on Facebook

Meta has unveiled improvements to the Facebook video platform designed to streamline video creation, viewing and interaction. The platform update integrates aspects of Reels, Meta’s short video feature, into the Facebook feed. This integration aims to simplify video creation and sharing for users by enabling more dynamic video capabilities within the Facebook experience. The company … Read more