Lego is a company haunted by its own plastic

“In the future, they should only make such announcements when they actually do it,” says Judith Enck, president of Beyond Plastics. The World Economic Forum predicts that global plastic production will double in the next 20 years, yet advocates in the US, for example, claim that the vast majority of plastic, 95 percent, is never … Read more

Vise Intelligence wants to use AI to support financial advisors

VentureBeat presents: AI Unleashed – an exclusive event for enterprise data executives. Network and learn with industry colleagues. Learn more Of all the industries rushing into generative AI, it seems strange that we haven’t heard or reported more about fintech and financial advisors in particular. But here comes Vise to buck the trend. The seven-year-old … Read more

Leaked Bethesda titles spark gaming frenzy

Leaked documents hint at Bethesda’s plans for fiscal years 2020 to 2024, hinting at the possible release of new Doom and Dishonored games. The strategy, which appeared online using uncensored court documents, includes previously unpublished titles in addition to expected releases. This information has created excitement among fans and they are eagerly awaiting confirmation from … Read more

These new tools could make AI vision systems less biased

Traditionally, skin tone distortion in computer vision is measured using the Fitzpatrick scale, which ranges from light to dark. The scale was originally developed to measure the tanning of white skin, but has since been widely used as a tool to determine ethnicity, says William Thong, an AI ethics researcher at Sony. It is used … Read more

Amazon is investing up to $4 billion in AI startup Anthropic

Amazon has agreed to invest up to $4 billion in AI startup Anthropic, the two companies said, as the e-commerce group intensifies its rivalry with Microsoft, Meta, Google and Nvidia in the fast-growing sector which many technologists believe could be the next great frontier. The e-commerce group said it would initially invest $1.25 billion in … Read more

How to Use Social Media, According to Teen Girls

Advice for teenagers You don’t have to respond immediately. Reminders to do your homework. DMs in every app. Multiple group chats explode. All of these notifications can feel endless and overwhelming. Niki Shiva, 17, of Hayward, California, said she set her phone so that it “won’t bother everyone but mom” to ease her fears. Niki … Read more

This Week in Data: Decoding the Generative AI Mania

Visit our on-demand library to watch VB Transform 2023 sessions. Register here Generative AI is everywhere. It’s in our apps, our databases, our dashboards, our phones. Tech and data leaders are probably wondering, “How am I going to exploit the GM AI craze?” This week, a “special guest” joins Bruno’s CarCast to help decode the … Read more

NASA clears the air: No evidence that UFOs are aliens

Enlarge / NASA’s UAP study team and the newly appointed director of UAP research represent growing efforts to study and release UFO-related data. NASA’s independent study team released its highly anticipated report on UFOs on September 14, 2023. Partly to move beyond the stigma often attached to UFOs, in which military pilots fear ridicule or … Read more