Cloud Director service GA on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for Cloud Service Providers
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Cloud Director service GA on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for Cloud Service Providers

To date, the features of the VMware Cloud Director Service on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution have been tailored to the needs of Corporate customers. This enables organizations to easily set up SDDC endpoints within the Oracle Cloud VMware solution through a sophisticated system of internal multi-tenancy. Within this framework, each internal tenant benefits from the advantages of their own dedicated Organization Virtual Data Center (OVDC). This dynamic approach ensures streamlined operations and maximum efficiency for our valued customers.

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our support and invite Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to use the Cloud Director service on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, now officially generally available. This offers CSPs the opportunity to use the service as an SDDC endpoint, enhancing their capabilities and offerings.

What does this mean for cloud service providers?

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) offers its customers a number of unique benefits, including enhanced security, reliability and complete management authority over their VMware environments. Oracle Cloud Native services are used to modernize applications. OCVS offers the flexibility to choose from different compute configurations as well as the option for separate storage resources.

Additionally, OCVS grants its customers full administrative access and control, deploys L2 networking within the customer’s Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), integrates a robust zero-trust security model, and enables both partners and customers to determine when and whether they update their systems. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has a rapidly growing global network of data centers spanning 45 cloud regions, and OCVS is accessible in all OCI regions. Importantly, OCVS offers transparent and consistent pricing across all regions, ensuring predictability for its users.

As a provider, you have the advantage of leveraging the power of a multi-tenant Oracle Cloud VMware solution that can act as an SDDC endpoint for production environments. Additionally, it can serve as a reliable disaster recovery site for an on-premises VMware Cloud Director deployment or even accommodate another SDDC endpoint based on a hyperscaler that actively supports a production environment.

Connections to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution endpoints from the Cloud Director service are enabled through an SSL reverse proxy. This identical mechanism is used to establish connections between the VMware Cloud Director service and platforms such as Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and on-premises SDDC endpoints.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) connection

A significant portion of cloud service providers use Oracle Cloud for their operations, with approximately 9-10% relying on it for significant workloads, while approximately 20% integrate Oracle Cloud into their production workload in some capacity.

Question: Enterprise use of public cloud providers
Source: Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report

Oracle Cloud stands out as a leader among public cloud providers, with more than 26% of industry leaders using the platform to run their heavy workloads with maximum efficiency. Additionally, about 27% of these executives use Oracle Cloud for moderate workloads.

Question: Public cloud provider adoption rates for all organizations
Source: Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report

There is an exceptional year-on-year increase of around 25-30% in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure space, a truly impressive number that speaks volumes about the remarkable growth trajectory.

Question: Public cloud provider adoption rates for all organizations year-over-year
Source: Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report

What next?

Learn more about the Cloud Director service by visiting our Documents page. or the cloud solutions website or speak to your VMware representative.

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