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Fospha as TikTok’s new measurement partner

Understanding media performance in digital marketing is like navigating an ever-changing maze. The emergence of platforms like TikTok has revolutionized the way brands engage with their audiences, creating additional complexity and opportunity. However, due to regulatory changes such as GDPR and iOS 14.5 updates, e-commerce brands now face a growing challenge: gaining clear insight into the performance of their media mix channels.

Top of funnel marketing

Top-of-funnel marketing is about more than just creating a buzz. It’s about laying a sustainable foundation for growth. Think of it like the first chapter of a compelling novel, where the story begins, intrigue ensues, and a relationship with the reader – or in this case, the customer – is formed.

Due to the difficulty of tracking and measuring the impact of these top-of-funnel activities, brands have historically gravitated toward bottom-of-funnel advertising where the results are more tangible, such as: B. Direct sales and conversions. However, this approach often ignores a crucial aspect of customer acquisition and brand building.

According to a Fospha reportBrands that consistently invest in top-of-funnel activities for at least 10 months are likely to see lower customer acquisition costs and a more robust return on ad spend (ROAS). Specifically, the report shows that brands that prioritize long-term brand awareness strategies can improve their ROAS by 42% and reduce acquisition costs by 35%, compared to brands that focus solely on conversion-oriented activities.

The challenges of current measurement practices

The digital advertising landscape has evolved significantly over the last five years, becoming more complex and requiring advanced measurement techniques.

Traditional pixel and cookie-based methods that have been the mainstay of most brands are becoming less effective due to regulatory changes like GDPR, CCPA, and iOS 14.5 that prioritize consumer protection over technological effectiveness. This has led to a significant reduction in visibility, particularly in the early stages of the customer journey. As a result, marketing attribution models that do not take into account top-of-funnel activities may overestimate the effectiveness of low-funnel activities.

Fospha x TikTok

On Monday, January 8, 2024, TikTok introduced Fospha as one of the measurement partners. This partnership represents a significant development in the complex world of digital marketing and underscores how important it is for brands to move beyond relying on bottom-of-funnel metrics to achieve sustainable growth and broad market reach.

Fospha’s solution enables brands to measure their paid media spend on platforms like TikTok in a data-driven way that is consistent with profitability. This means brands can now gain insight into the impact of their top-of-funnel activities, optimize their strategies accordingly, and scale their efforts without compromising their bottom line.

Case study

Let’s take a closer look The Essence Vault, a fragrance brand that faced the common dilemma of digital expansion. By leveraging TikTok’s dynamic platform and partnering with Fospha, they saw a 20% increase in revenue and a 7% improvement in ROAS, demonstrating the power of a data-driven top-of-funnel approach.


TikTok is becoming increasingly popular and has become a significant alternative advertising channel. The platform has generated strong returns, outperforming other growing platforms such as YouTube. Top-of-funnel marketing is more than just a first handshake with potential customers; It is an indispensable part of a brand’s growth strategy in today’s complex advertising ecosystem. With strategic tools and partnerships like Fospha and TikTok, brands can confidently navigate this landscape and ensure every stage of the marketing funnel is optimized for success. As we look to the future of digital advertising, it is clear that understanding and leveraging top-of-funnel marketing is not just a strategy, but a necessity for sustainable growth and success.

Further information about this partnership can be found at Fospha’s blog And TikTok for business blog.