Google boosts advertising on YouTube short films
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Google boosts advertising on YouTube short films

Google unveiled new advertising opportunities for YouTube shorts at this week’s IAB NewFronts event, paving the way for brands to integrate more seamlessly with hot short videos.

Extend your reach with shorts

Google’s YouTube Shorts platform, a direct competitor to TikTok’s short video format, was presented as an ideal opportunity for advertisers to connect with new audiences.

To capitalize on this potential, Google shorts is expanding to include video reach campaigns.

These campaigns use Google’s AI technology to deliver an optimal ad mix, thereby improving reach and efficiency.

Additionally, Google integrates in-feed video ads into video reach campaigns, which means these ads appear in YouTube’s homepage feed and search results.

Previously, advertisers had access to Shorts inventory to drive online sales and leads through more performance-oriented ad formats such as App Installs campaigns, Performance Max and Video Actions campaigns.

Positioning brands amidst trending content

Google extends its YouTube Select tool to shorts.

This tool allows advertisers to choose from content packs curated by YouTube and offer a premium pack that is constantly updated with the most popular videos.

To position brands at the top of trending content, Google is introducing a new feature called First Position on Shorts.

This feature allows an advertiser’s content to be the first video a viewer sees when they begin a scrolling on shorts session.

Initially, this feature will only be available for YouTube Select videos, but there are plans to expand it more broadly.

A growing platform

YouTube Shorts has seen notable growth, with the platform generating 50 billion daily views, up from 30 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

The number of channels uploading to shorts has increased significantly, with growth of over 80% in 2022. Additionally, YouTube has made shorts monetizable for creators through revenue sharing, likely contributing to this growth.

Despite Shorts’ positive growth trajectory, it’s worth noting that Google reported a second consecutive decline in YouTube ad revenue, indicating some challenges in the broader advertising industry.

In the first quarter of 2023, YouTube ad revenue fell by 2.6% compared to the same period last year.

In total

Integrating short video ads into campaigns is a key focus for Google as it continues to drive innovation in advertising.

By using YouTube Shorts for awareness campaigns, brands can build a strong connection with YouTube’s increasingly diverse and dynamic audience.

source: Google

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