Google boosts ecommerce analytics in GA4 with 30 new metrics
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Google boosts ecommerce analytics in GA4 with 30 new metrics

Google has announced an expansion of e-commerce measurement capabilities in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

A total of 30 new dimensions and metrics related to eCommerce are now available in the GA4 Custom Report Builder.

The new e-commerce dimensions provide more detailed data on items, promotions and shopping behavior.

Marketers can now view metrics grouped by product attributes such as item name, brand, category, promotional name and more.

What’s new in GA4 for Ecommerce Sites?

New e-commerce dimensions

Google’s latest GA4 update introduces several new ecommerce dimensions that can be used to segment data.

The following eCommerce dimensions are now available in the Custom Report builder:

  • Article Affiliation
  • item mark
  • item category
  • Article category 2
  • Article category 3
  • Article category 4
  • Article category 5
  • Article identification number
  • Item List ID
  • Name of the item list
  • Position of the item list
  • Item Location ID
  • Product Name
  • Name of the article ad creative
  • Creative slot for article promotion
  • Name of the item promotion
  • item variant
  • shipping level

These new dimensions allow marketers to analyze metrics by product and by attributes like brand and promotions. This allows for a more detailed analysis of what drives online sales.

Important sales figures

In addition to the new dimensions, key e-commerce revenue metrics have been added.

The following ecommerce metrics are now available in the GA4 Custom Report Builder:

  • Gross Item Sales
  • Gross Purchase Proceeds
  • refund amount for the item
  • item sales
  • Items added to cart
  • Item checked out
  • Items clicked on in the promotion
  • Purchased items
  • Items displayed
  • Items displayed in the list
  • Items viewed in the promotion
  • purchase proceeds
  • refund amount
  • shipping amount
  • tax amount

Gross purchase sales as a metric will greatly help eCommerce stores to understand sales performance.

Previously, marketers had to calculate gross sales using a formula that combined other metrics. Now it’s available right in the Custom Report builder.

Exploration metrics updated

Along with the custom report updates, Google has streamlined the ecommerce metrics in GA4 explorations.

New metrics like gross purchase sales and refund amount replace existing metrics like e-commerce sales.

The following new revenue metrics are now available:

  • Gross item sales (The total sales from items only, excluding taxes and shipping)
  • Gross Purchase Revenue (The total revenue from purchases made on your website or app)
  • Refund Amount (The total amount of refunds granted on your website or app)

Google is removing the following duplicate revenue metrics from the metric selector in explorations:

  • Ecommerce Sales
  • Income from events

Existing explorations using these removed metrics will continue to work, but new explorations should use the new revenue metrics.

Additionally, Google recommends upgrading any exploration that uses the Ecommerce or Event Revenue metric to the Purchase Revenue metric.

In total

These changes to GA4 make it easier to view meaningful ecommerce data.

Marketers no longer need to create custom reports to access key revenue metrics.

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