Google improves delivery and return information in search results
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Google improves delivery and return information in search results

Google extends the visibility of shipping and returns information for merchant websites in search results.

To help online retailers optimize this feature, Google is improving the Shopping report in Search Console and adding new tools for monitoring and correcting structured data.

Shipping information is becoming increasingly important to buyers

Customers want to know the total cost of a product before making a purchase, including shipping costs.

The shipping costs, the speed and the return policy influence purchasing decisions. Many buyers abandon their shopping carts due to high shipping costs, slow delivery, or unclear return policies.

Because of this, online retailers must provide shipping and return details in advance.

Extension of the display of shipping and return information in Google search

With today’s update, eligible products will now show shipping and return information in Google Search, initially in the US and soon in other countries.

To display shipping and return details in product search results, retailers must add the information using structured data markup, similar to how product details are tagged.

Alternatively, if a retailer submits product information to Google through Merchant Center, Google will automatically use the shipping and return information provided.

Use of Search Console for shipping and returns data

Google improves shipping & return information in search resultsScreenshot from:, April 2023.

Search Console makes it easy to spot missing shipping and return information for products, or when that information was added incorrectly.

Retailers receive alerts on such issues in the Retailer Listings report and via email notification.

Retailers are encouraged to contact Google with any questions or concerns via the Google Search Central Community or Twitter.


Google’s expanded display of shipping and return information in search results aims to improve users’ online shopping experience and increase the success of e-commerce businesses.

By providing more accurate information, retailers can potentially reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. The updates to Search Console reports and tools will help retailers ensure their shipping and return information is accurate and complete.

source: Google

Featured Image: Screenshot from, April 2023.