Google is expanding the Gross Revenue Verification tool in the ad platform
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Google is expanding the Gross Revenue Verification tool in the ad platform

Google Ads has made the gross revenue verification tool available to more publishers and advertisers.

The announcement follows a study by Integral Ad Science in which 42% of marketers surveyed said transparency is a significant challenge in programmatic buying.

Read on to learn who now has access to gross sales confirmation.

What confirms gross sales?

Confirmation of gross sales is a Tool Introduced by Google in 2022.

The solution ensures buyers and publishers that there are no hidden fees on digital advertising transactions during a Google Ads auction.

The tool uses a privacy-safe method to confirm this transparency using the Revenue Verification Report. Publishers can access this report to view the total gross sales for a specific buyer.

Both the buyer and publisher can cross-reference the buyer’s reports to ensure gross sales match the publisher’s report results.

This is how gross sales confirmation between buyers and publishers works.Image credit:, June 2023

Confirmation of gross sales increase

As of the June 8 announcement, the Gross Sales Confirmation tool is now available to:

In addition to expanding publishers and advertisers, Google is expanding integrations with other ad tech providers such as Yahoo and Index Exchange.

The aim of this tool extension is to increase the general confidence in programmatic purchasing.

Ensure visibility while keeping privacy in mind

The Gross Sales Confirmation tool uses only the necessary data to confirm that no hidden fees were collected during an ad auction.

Because the report is based on aggregated gross revenue rather than detailed log-level data, it significantly reduces the risk of user identification.

Google stated that the tool was designed as an industry-wide solution for transparency.

Google is working on standardization with other industry organizations such as the IAB Tech Lab.

2023: the year of transparency?

Google has unveiled numerous tools and solutions to provide transparency to both advertisers and end users.

Other initiatives by Google in recent years include:

Ads Transparency and My Ad Center target end users to give them a better understanding of why they are seeing ads. It gives the consumer more control by allowing them to opt out of certain or all tracking or interest groups.

While advertisers still have many questions about the type of data they receive (or don’t receive) on advertising platforms, such as the search terms report, it’s important to recognize that Google offers transparency to publishers and advertisers.

Marketing budgets continue to be carefully monitored and monitored and can be quickly eliminated if performance does not match spending. Advertisers shouldn’t worry about hidden ad tech fees with ever increasing platform CPCs or CPMs.

The Gross Revenue Confirmation tool is a big step in the right direction towards more transparency towards advertisers and publishers.

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