Google launches NotebookLM – an AI note-taking assistant
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Google launches NotebookLM – an AI note-taking assistant

Google has lifted the curtain on its AI-powered notebook, an initiative previously announced as Project Tailwind at this year’s Google I/O event.

The experimental product is now officially called NotebookLM. It is introduced by Google Labs as a novel approach to note-taking software that uses a robust language model as its core.

The challenge of data overload

In an age of information overload, people find it difficult to process facts and ideas from numerous sources.

This is a challenge facing students, academics and knowledge workers alike. The difficulty is not in the lack of sources, but in the time-consuming process of connecting them.

In response, Google has set out to create a tool to help users make those connections faster, especially with their favorite sources.

Introducing NotebookLM: an AI-driven assistant for everyone

NotebookLM, an experimental product, leverages the power of language models alongside user content to deliver fast, actionable insights.

The tool works like a virtual research assistant, able to summarize facts, explain complex ideas, and brainstorm new contexts based on user-provided sources.

Google launches NotebookLM - An AI note-taking assistantImage credit:, July 2023.

Unlike traditional AI chatbots, NotebookLM allows users to “ground” the AI ​​in their notes and sources. This source grounding function adapts the AI ​​to be familiar with the information relevant to the user.

Starting today, you can root NotebookLM in the Google Docs of your choice. Other formats will follow shortly.

NotebookLM features

With NotebookLM by Google you can:

  1. Create Summaries: When adding a Google Doc to NotebookLM, an overview, key topics, and questions are automatically generated to better understand the content.
  2. Ask questions: Dive deeper into your documents by asking specific questions about uploaded materials.
  3. Idea: Beyond the question-and-answer session, NotebookLM also helps you generate creative ideas.

To reduce the risk of “hallucinations,” each AI response is sourced for easy fact-checking.

A collaborative and responsible development approach

Developed by a small team at Google Labs, NotebookLM is an experimental product that aims to use AI responsibly.

As far as privacy is concerned, NotebookLM has access to the source material you upload and dialogues with the AI ​​are not visible to others. In addition, the collected data will not be used to train new AI models.

Google plans to gather feedback regularly to understand what’s working and where improvements are needed.

First-time users who want to explore the potential of NotebookLM can join the waiting list to try the product.

source: Google

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