Google recommends Noindex for syndicated news content

Worried about syndicated content outperforming your news content?

Google reiterated its longstanding recommendation that publishers require syndication partners not to index syndicated news content.

The Twitter discussion started with data compiled by Newzdash CEO John Shehata.

Key Finding: Yahoo News consistently receives a high percentage of traffic for syndicated news content compared to original publisher sites.

When Yahoo syndicates content from publishers, that syndicated version often ranks higher or similar to the original content in Google search and news results.

As a result, Yahoo News is likely getting a significant portion of the traffic that could have gone to the original publisher sites.

Google confirms: Noindex Syndicated Content

Google SearchLiasion joined the discussion, tweeting several replies with slides from a recent event discussing updates with advice on syndication, canonicals and noindex.

Here’s the exact recommendation for syndication partners to use the noindex tag, which could help Google’s automated systems better recognize the original article.

Google claims that it only recommends noindex and no canonicals.

Ultimately, Google doesn’t blame its policy syndication partners for outranking original publisher content.

This recommendation doesn’t mean that Google can’t tell which content is original and which is duplicated.

Canonical tags do not work because the content on a syndication publisher’s website may differ from the original content due to the unique website templates and surrounding related content.

Some Twitter users misinterpreted the advice, leading to the following clarification:

Google also offered three options for publishers using syndicated content partners.

SEO experts advise publishers to ensure original content outperforms the rest.

Publishers have to decide

The complex issue of syndicated content potentially outperforming original content has drawn renewed attention.

Despite some confusion and misinterpretation, Google is sticking to its longstanding advice, emphasizing that publishers should require their syndication partners to use the noindex tag.

Ultimately, Google leaves it up to news publishers and syndication partners to determine the right way to handle content to ensure both meet their publishing goals.

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