Google Search Console launches Subscribed Content report.
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Google Search Console launches Subscribed Content report.

Google is rolling out a new report in Search Console designed to help publishers use the Reader Revenue Manager platform.

The new Rich Result status report, called Subscribed Content, will provide valuable insights into search traffic and help publishers troubleshoot structured data issues.

The goal is to help publishers better understand and target their audience and leverage the power of Google’s search ecosystem.

Google’s Reader Revenue Manager

Google’s Reader Revenue Manager is a product that aims to facilitate audience engagement and revenue generation for publishers.

It offers various tools and solutions to help publishers manage subscriptions, posts, and paywalls, ultimately increasing reader revenue.

The platform includes features like “subscriptions or posts in 2 clicks” that simplify the process of monetizing content by allowing publishers to choose the revenue model that suits them best.

This functionality ensures a fast and secure checkout process, eliminates payment hassles for readers, and reduces surprise fees.

Beyond monetization: strengthening brand equity

Reader Revenue Manager focuses on monetizing and building publisher brand equity.

By driving traffic to publishers’ content and highlighting it in relevant contexts across all Google products, the platform aims to build brand awareness and loyalty among readers.

The platform allows publishers direct access to the contact information enabled by their readers to improve the connection between publishers and their audience.

Importantly, the data collected is private, secure and not processed by Google, ensuring a strong and trusted relationship between publishers and their readers.

Improving user experience for subscribers

Forgotten passwords and usernames can be a significant barrier to accessing subscription-based content.

To solve this problem, Reader Revenue Manager ensures that readers are automatically signed in to the publisher’s website with their Google accounts.

This feature eliminates paywall frustrations and improves the overall user experience for subscribers.

Easy implementation for publishers

Reader Revenue Manager is designed to be accessible to publishers of all sizes and technical abilities.

The onboarding process is streamlined and requires no coding experience, making it easy for publishers to implement and benefit from the platform.

The platform has already shown promising results for participating publishers. French newspaper Le Monde saw a 45 percent increase in subscribers, while Rappahannock Media LLC, a US publisher, has added 540 active contributors since launching Reader Revenue Manager.

Whether a publisher is just starting out in their reader revenue business or already has an established paywall, Reader Revenue Manager is a tool that can help grow publications and improve reader relationships.

As Google continues to develop and roll out features like the Subscribed Content report, the Reader Revenue Manager platform will become an increasingly valuable asset for publishers looking to thrive in the digital age.

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