Google wants to improve search quality with a new feedback form

Google recently overhauled its search spam report form to address search quality issues.

The updated form is part of Google’s approach to improve user experience by addressing problematic content such as paid links, malicious behavior, and low-quality pages.

An improved user interface

Google wants to improve search quality with a new feedback formPhoto credit:, June 2023.

The redesigned form makes it easier for users to report a broader range of search quality issues.

“Now you can report spam, paid links, malicious behavior, poor quality and other search quality issues, all in an improved form,” Google announced.

This new form introduces a bulk submission feature that allows users to report up to five sites violating the same policy in a single report.

After submitting a report, users receive a confirmation email from Google that includes help links to additional resources related to Google’s quality policies and directs them to a forum for personalized support.

Google wants to improve search quality with a new feedback formPhoto credit:, June 2023.

What happens after the notification?

When user feedback comes in to Google, the company has a system in place to prioritize and act on it.

While urgent issues may be fixed immediately, most issues will be fixed when Google updates the algorithm.

Google’s John Mueller previously explained how the reporting system works:

“The internet is so huge and constantly changing, and every day people ask us new questions. Because of this, our goal is generally to improve the algorithms that bring search results together overall, not to optimize things for individual searches. This may take some time, but it makes searching better for all people around the world given the large number of searches made every day.”

Mueller recommends using other channels, such as the Google Search Central help forums and Google’s publicly-facing social media accounts, for more serious issues.

He adds: “Regardless of the method of contact, make it easy for Google to see the scale and scope of the problem.”

The exact timeline for Google’s response to user feedback remains unclear and will likely depend on the nature and urgency of the reported issue.

The Bigger Picture

Google’s search spam report form overhaul is not an isolated one. This is part of a broader effort by the tech giant to continuously improve the quality of search results.

Google’s decision to allow bulk submissions of up to five pages indicates that the company has recognized the magnitude of search quality issues and is ready to delve deeper into them.

The improved reporting process can result in cleaner and more relevant search results for everyone.

In total

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Google values ​​user feedback to improve search results.

With the redesigned search spam report form, Google has an easier way to report search quality issues.

The new form is the latest example of Google’s commitment to maintaining high-quality SERPs.

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source: Google