Google’s Head of Ads Safety talks about clicks and compliance [Podcast]
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Google’s Head of Ads Safety talks about clicks and compliance [Podcast]

An insider’s perspective on driving clicks and compliance – an exclusive chat with Google’s Alejandro Borgia

Get ready to unravel the secrets of successful – and SAFE – advertising as we dive deep into the world of advertising policies with a true industry expert.

Alejandro Borgia, Google’s Director of Product Management, Ads Safety, joined me at the SEJShow to decode advertising policies and bust common myths in the advertising world, from captivating clicks to unwavering compliance.

From debunking misconceptions to talking about the next steps in advertising, this episode is a must-watch for marketers, advertisers, and PPC enthusiasts alike.

[00:00] – About Alejandro.
[01:46] – How Google handles ad security.
[07:27] – Benefits of the Transparency Center.
[09:23] – How does AI integration affect ad safety?
[14:25] – How Google will fend off the risks of generative AI in advertising.
[19:21] – Misconception about the safety of advertising.
[22:21] – Top threats to Google’s security work.
[24:34] – The then and now of Google Ads.
[27:48] – What excites Alejandro.

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Meet Alejandro Borgia, a pre-eminent authority on product management and marketing. As Director of Product Management at Google, Alejandro leads strategic initiatives and is known for breaking new ground.

His proven track record extends to influential roles at cybersecurity giant Symantec and digital music pioneer, Napster. Known for his thoughtful approach and continuous contributions, Alejandro has a well-deserved reputation for fostering innovation, driving growth and driving change in the technology industry.

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