How to navigate through social media trends and new AI technologies [Podcast]

Embracing the future of social media marketing

How are you preparing your social and marketing teams for AI? There are a lot of AI tools out there, but not all of them are useful.

Jamie Gilpin, CMO at Sprout Social, joined me on the SEJ Show to talk about social media, search and how AI can play a bigger role in your strategy.

Gain valuable insights into virality, social media trends, and emerging AI technologies, and discover how these technologies seamlessly integrate into your team’s workflow.

Trends are driven by forces, and forces are the major cultural shifts we see. As a result, the moment or the signals of these forces become micro-issues. -Jamie Gilpin, 05:43

In the world of SEO and search, search is changing rapidly. Social media trends are changing just as quickly, whether it’s platforms or just the way people communicate. Everything was written before. Then it was on to the pictures. And now videos. –Loren Baker, 02:03

Social media permeates not only the entire customer journey, but all aspects of the customer’s business. -Jamie Gilpin, 33:23

[00:00] – About Jamie
[02:03] – The evolution of social media trends and content consumption
[03:25] – Understand trending culture and the influence of TikTok
[13:14] – The importance of having a business presence on TikTok
[19:51] – Opportunities to integrate AI into daily social media marketing workflows
[20:57] – Current discourse and applications of AI in marketing
[25:39] – Understand the AI ​​Assist Tool
[27:16] – Future of AI in visual content for social media marketing
[33:39] – Intersection of social media and search in consumer research

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I would say one of the biggest opportunities, and it equates to the challenge we face on the marketing team, is that it’s so much easier to work autonomously in silos. However, the true value and, more importantly, our customers expect all of these people to work together and deliver a seamless customer experience. -Jamie Gilpin, 18:52

From a customer experience and perception perspective, the worst thing you can do is not knowing when your customer is ready to buy. When they see something, they want to buy it from you, but they can’t find it. -Jamie Gilpin, 15:13

This is the future of social, and that’s why I’m very excited about this area. It started in marketing, but it started for us as a tool to promote something else – another channel through which to get our message out. –Jamie Gilpin,32:26

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Jamie Gilpin, Chief Marketing Officer at Sprout Social, is a marketing maestro who knows how to grow brands in the tech space. Her talent for building outstanding teams and increasing sales through ingenious strategies make her a force to be reckoned with.

From lead generation to social media magic, Jamie’s expertise shines through. With an MBA from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Florida State University, she’s a marketing dynamo who knows how to make things happen.

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