I can’t see if my buddy is typing on Instagram DM’s. Their messages would simply present up instantly with out the typing bubble that signifies they’re typing. This shouldn’t be that large of a difficulty, but it surely’s actually throwing me off, since I can’t see if they’re achieved speaking or not. I attempted utilizing the identical account on a distinct gadget, and apparently it did present the typing bubble. My gadget is iPhone 7 Plus (I simply up to date it to IOS15 a few week in the past), and it’s not simply a difficulty for a single account, but it surely occurs to each DM I obtain. I attempted offloading and deleting the app a number of occasions, but it nonetheless doesn’t clear up the issue. Since this doesn’t occur once I use one other gadget, I assume it’s a difficulty with this particular telephone. And I can’t appear to seek out what the difficulty is on-line both. Anybody might help? 🙂

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