macOS exhibiting extraordinarily excessive digital reminiscence utilization for each course of (in htop and high)

I’m not even 100% certain if this is a matter, as a result of htop on macOS is understood to point out very excessive digital reminiscence utilization. Nonetheless, I by no means seen VIRT values that have been so persistently excessive earlier than, and I used to be lately experimenting with taskpolicy utilization, so I need to confirm that issues aren’t damaged.

After I run htop, each course of exhibits 0 for digital reminiscence utilization, or at the very least 32.1G: htop screenshot showing high virt usage for all processes

And each Safari course of has >100G: htop screenshot showing >100G virt usage for all Safari processes

I stumbled onto the htop problem above, and I am involved in regards to the habits of my machine as a result of each course of has an excessively excessive VIRT worth, and even high exhibits a complete digital reminiscence dimension of 22T: top screenshot showing 22T of virtual memory size

Compared, the htop problem above solely exhibits a handful of processes with excessive virt values. Likewise, Exercise Monitor is not exhibiting any irregular reminiscence utilization: screenshot of low memory pressure in the Activity Monitor of macOS

Is that this a bug in htop (or elsewhere)? A configuration mistake on my finish? Or is it simply the results of a change in how macOS calculates digital reminiscence?

For reference, I’m at present operating macOS Monterey 12.0.1 on a 2017 13″ MacBook Professional.

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