Meta announces AI-supported tools for optimizing advertising processes
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Meta announces AI-supported tools for optimizing advertising processes

In another big-tech move to redefine digital advertising with artificial intelligence (AI), Meta announced several AI-powered tools to improve business performance and streamline advertising processes.

From the AI ​​sandbox to enhanced features in the Meta Advantage suite, these innovations promise to catapult online advertising into a new era.

Meta’s latest offerings offer a fascinating glimpse into the future of marketing with Generative AI.

Metas AI sandbox

The first part of the announcement dealt with the AI ​​Sandbox, a testing ground for AI-driven advertising tools.

  • Text Variation automatically creates multiple versions of an advertiser’s copy, helping advertisers test messages tailored to different audiences.
  • Background generation allows advertisers to create background images for creative assets from text input.
  • Image outcropping adapts creative assets to different aspect ratios on multiple platforms such as stories or reels, saving advertisers time when repurposing ad creative.

Meta Advantage Suite

Next, Meta introduced new features for its Meta Advantage suite.

Meta Advantage is a suite of automation tools designed to improve advertising campaigns by leveraging AI and machine learning. It streamlines ad personalization and optimizes results, potentially saving advertisers time and ad spend.

The platform, which has grouped various automated products under a single banner over the past year, has seen a significant uptick in adoption.

The latest update brings several new features to Meta Advantage:

  • Businesses can convert existing manual campaigns to Advantage+ Shopping campaigns with a single click. Available in Ads Manager, this feature is expected to roll out across the platform within a month.
  • Advertisers can enrich their catalog ads with video content, a departure from the traditional static image limitation. This feature is currently being tested and is expected to roll out later this year.
  • Benchmarking reports allow advertisers to measure and compare the performance of their Manual and Advantage+ Shopping campaigns. This feature is already being rolled out.
  • Enhanced audience targeting with Advantage+ Audience allows advertisers to provide audience preferences as a guide rather than rigid restrictions, opening the door to a broader advertiser audience. This tool is expected to become more widely available in the coming months.

Investment in AI infrastructure

Finally, Meta highlighted its investment in AI infrastructure, with billions of dollars allocated annually to build AI capacity for advertisers.

The investment could help new AI-powered tools reach their full potential, benefiting businesses and users alike.

AI continues to transform digital advertising

With a commitment to leveraging AI for improved ad performance and user experience, Meta could give businesses a head start in the evolving world of digital advertising.

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