Microsoft introduces new mobile-first experiences for Bing and Edge
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Microsoft introduces new mobile-first experiences for Bing and Edge

In an announcement, Divya Kumar, Microsoft’s Global Head of Marketing, reveals upcoming improvements for the mobile versions of Bing and Edge.

Features unveiled in early May will be implemented this week, enriching the Bing Chat experience with videos, knowledge cards, graphics, better formatting, and built-in social sharing capabilities.

Chat history is introduced so you can access recent activity by clicking the clock icon at the top of the chat window.

Learn more about the new features coming this week.

Improved Bing experience

Microsoft launched AI-powered Bing and Edge 100 days ago, marking a significant milestone in its technological journey.

The hype surrounding Bing has reached unprecedented levels, marked by an eightfold increase in daily downloads since the release of the new version.

Microsoft believes this increase reflects global acceptance of Bing as a wearable AI assistant.

To further improve these mobile experiences, Microsoft is adding new features to the Bing, SwiftKey, Edge and Skype apps.


The Bing app is getting a host of new features.

Microsoft is introducing a Bing chat widget that can be added to iOS or Android home screens.

This allows you to jump right into the new Bing Chat experience or ask questions verbally by clicking the microphone icon.

A highly requested feature is the ability to maintain continuous conversations across platforms. This is now possible.

With the updated Bing app, you can start a chat on desktop and continue it on mobile, and vice versa.

Microsoft is expanding country and language support for voice input and improving the quality of non-English chats to ensure users around the world can customize their experience.


SwiftKey, Microsoft’s iOS and Android keyboard, sees impressive AI integrations.

Now you can use SwiftKey to compose messages with AI, making text entry more efficient and predictive.

Microsoft’s AI-powered translator is now integrated into the SwiftKey Keyboard, making multilingual communication easier.

After you bring up the keyboard, click the Bing icon, choose Translate, select the languages, and type or paste your text to get a translation.

Finally, the app will introduce new tones for a more personalized typing experience.

Microsoft introduces new mobile-first experiences for Bing & EdgePhoto credit: Microsoft


Bringing Bing’s AI capabilities to Skype, you can now access the new Bing in all group chats, taking the app’s conversational capabilities to a new level.

Bing can be tagged directly in chat without participants having to add it to their contacts.


The Edge app aims to provide more contextual chat, allowing you to ask questions about the content of a page or ask Bing for a summary.

Microsoft introduces new mobile-first experiences for Bing & EdgePhoto credit: Microsoft

looking ahead

This series of upgrades and new features caps the first 100 days of AI-powered Bing.

Microsoft’s upcoming Build conference will provide updates for developers on how to leverage the Bing AI platform to enhance their offerings on PC and mobile.