Microsoft introduces next-gen Bing & Edge: The future of search

Microsoft is launching the next generation of AI-powered Bing and Edge to transform the search software category.

Key features of the next generation include:

  • Transition from a limited preview to an open preview of Bing, eliminating the trial waitlist.
  • Upgrade the search experience from plain text to a more visual search experience with rich image/video responses and multimodal support.
  • Transition from one-time chat/search sessions to productive multi-session experiences with chat history and persistent chats in Edge.
  • Opening platform capabilities to allow developers and third parties to build on top of Bing, which would help users respond to their requests and get things done.

Find out more about all the changes and updates announced today.

Bing now in open preview

In response to widespread customer adoption, engagement and feedback, Microsoft has announced that the new Bing is now in Open Preview and no longer requires a waitlist.

This development will make it easier for everyone to try out the new Bing and Edge by signing in to Bing with their Microsoft account.

Make search more visual

Microsoft is making strides to make search more visual, introducing richer, more visual answers, including charts and graphs, and updated answer formatting.

They also deliver these visual experiences in chat and have extended Bing Image Creator to support over 100 languages.

This means users can now create images in their native language.

Make search more productive

Microsoft is working to make search more productive by offering features like access to chat history and the ability to share and export.

Users will soon be able to go back to previous chats on Bing Chat with chat history and keep their conversation close at hand while browsing.

For users who want to share their conversation with others or continue working on a new idea, Microsoft is adding export and sharing capabilities to chat.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge will soon have improved summarization capabilities for long documents, including PDFs and longer websites.

Microsoft is also introducing Edge Actions, allowing users to do even more tasks in fewer steps, such as: B. watching a specific movie, asking questions in Bing chat related to the mobile page you’re viewing, and adjusting drafts based on feedback such as tone, length, phrasing, and more.

Switch from a product to a platform

Microsoft plans to add third-party plugins to the Bing chat experience, turning it into a developer-only platform.

This integration allows users to perform actions like booking a reservation with OpenTable or finding answers to complex scientific, mathematical, and human-curated data-based questions with Wolfram Alpha directly from Bing chat.

Microsoft is working with OpenAI to make this capability as accessible and consistent as possible for developers, believing that these types of capabilities can revolutionize search and expand what developers can do in the search domain.

Microsoft is inviting everyone to try out the new Bing and Edge, promising to continue its thoughtful and measured approach to collecting feedback and making quick adjustments in preview.

Going forward, Microsoft says it will make weekly changes to the preview, incorporating the most requested features and updates, and adding new experiences.

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