Microsoft introduces Predictive Targeting, an AI-based advertising tool
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Microsoft introduces Predictive Targeting, an AI-based advertising tool

Microsoft announces the launch of Predictive Targeting, an advertising tool based on artificial intelligence.

The technology uses machine learning to help advertisers reach new, receptive audiences and drive higher conversion rates.

Find hidden target groups

Microsoft introduces Predictive Targeting, an AI-based advertising toolScreenshot from:, June 2023.

Predictive targeting analyzes signals from advertisers’ existing ads and landing pages, as well as Microsoft’s audience data, to identify potential new audiences.

The tool automatically targets ads to the audiences most likely to convert, without advertisers having to manually develop an audience targeting strategy.

Save time and increase efficiency

According to Microsoft, predictive targeting can increase advertiser conversion rates by an average of 46 percent while streamlining the ad targeting process.

Advertisers no longer have to do extensive research to determine their audiences and can rely on Microsoft’s algorithms to find the most promising prospects.

The tool aims to help advertisers maximize their return on investment and increase the efficiency of their advertising campaigns.

Flexibility for different needs

Predictive targeting can be used independently or in combination with advertisers’ existing audience targeting strategies.

When used alone, it provides a comprehensive solution for discovering and reaching relevant audiences.

When stacked on top of existing strategies, it helps advertisers expand their reach and find new prospects outside of their defined audiences.

This flexibility allows advertisers to tailor the tool to their specific needs.

Possible disadvantages

Before you switch to a new targeting solution, it’s important to consider potential downsides.

By relying on Microsoft’s algorithms to determine audiences, advertisers give up some control over who sees their ads.

AI can target audiences that advertisers weren’t expecting or trying to reach.

This could result in wasted ad spend or brand damage if the ads are presented to the wrong audiences.

Advertisers may want to use other targeting and measurement tools in addition to protective targeting to avoid becoming completely reliant on Microsoft.


Predictive targeting will now be the default targeting method for audience ads.

All advertisers need to do is activate the tool and Microsoft’s algorithms will determine the optimal audience for their ads.

Microsoft introduces Predictive Targeting, an AI-based advertising toolScreenshot from:, June 2023.

Advertisers can also disable predictive targeting and define their audiences as needed.

Microsoft encourages advertisers to use compelling ad copy tailored to their target customers, automated bidding, extend reach across ad groups, and monitor campaign performance.

The company believes that predictive targeting will help drive advertisers’ Audience Ads campaigns and herald the future of targeted advertising.

Featured image: Screenshot from, June 2023.