Microsoft makes 3 predictions for PPC trends in the new year
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Microsoft makes 3 predictions for PPC trends in the new year

Microsoft makes three predictions for product categories that will increase ad clicks in the new year and offers advice on how to optimize campaigns accordingly.

According to a global study by Opeepl, people’s favorite New Year celebration is getting healthier, which they aim to achieve through diet and exercise.

With an eye on upcoming health trends, Microsoft Advertising shows ways to optimize campaigns for the three most important product categories.

1. “Organic Food” up 20%

Microsoft Advertising forecasts that clicks on organic food ads will surge for the week beginning January 14, resulting in a 20% growth from the same week in December.

To capitalize on this trend, Microsoft Advertising suggests the following:

“Target consumers who are looking for healthy, nutritious foods in January with in-market audiences. Our internal forecast data suggests that winter clicks will peak on January 14th. Although you should increase your budget after the holidays, make sure you don’t run out mid-month.”

2. “Sportswear” from early December to January

Microsoft Advertising predicts that sportswear searches will pick up in early December and continue through January.

In a blog post, Microsoft Advertising shares the following advice:

“Use Shopping campaigns to showcase your sports and fitness apparel products during the late November and early December holiday shopping season. Microsoft internal data estimates that consumers will shop for gear most intensely between November 26 and December 3, but activity will remain high through January.”

3. “Fitness & Nutrition” searches come in waves

Unsurprisingly, searches for fitness and nutrition will increase in the new year.

However, Microsoft Advertising recommends an “always-on” approach to targeting this category as search interest will increase multiple times throughout the year.

“Using 2021 data to compare what to expect next year in terms of activity, we can expect clicks for nutrition and fitness to peak in January, May, July and October. Consider an always-on approach as audience ads are shown to drive users through the funnel to search tactics.”

source: Microsoft advertising

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