New Academy Course: How to Master Service Page Optimization

You have created your location pages she optimized, and you even have your service pages up and running! Amazing work.

So…. what now?

Of course you keep optimizing. And it’s not just the basics like headers and title tags…we’re talking advanced tactics that will help you unlock the secrets of service page success.

In this brand new BrightLocal Academy course –How to master service page optimization– You will learn about the ins and outs of service page optimization. For this course, we partnered with SEO expert Emily Brady, who has over a decade of experience.

In the 11 instructional videos, Emily covers the following:

  • When should brand new service pages be created?
  • how to revamp old service pages;
  • how to overcome the challenges of underperforming service sites;
  • How to optimize all of this!

The goal? Go beyond basic optimization.

Here’s Emily with an overview of the course:

Who is this course suitable for?

The course is designed for SEOs and marketers who are making comprehensive decisions about service page optimization (e.g. page structure and content) for small/local businesses, making it a great fit for agencies or freelance contractors and SEO specialists.

How can I join?

Whether you are a BrightLocal customer or not, you can gain access to this course. You can also be among the first to know when new courses are available Registration free. Here’s how:

If you are a BrightLocal customerYou can access the Academy through your BrightLocal account. Simply log in, click Learning Resources at the top of the screen and select BrightLocal Academy from the drop down menu.

Learning Resources - BrightLocal Academy

You must create a free BrightLocal Academy account before signing up for the “How to master service page optimization‘ Course.

If you are not a BrightLocal customeryou can Join BrightLocal Academy for free and follow the same steps as above to enroll in the course.

Want to learn more about BrightLocal Academy?

Check out the official BrightLocal Academy FAQs here:

What is BrightLocal Academy, how does it work and how do I register?

What courses does BrightLocal Academy offer and how long are they?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. We hope you find this new course useful and can’t wait to hear how it has helped you improve your local SEO skills.

Kate Herbert Smith

Kate is responsible for managing BrightLocal’s educational content and ensuring that we create valuable resources and courses that educate the local SEO community so they can become experts in local marketing and the use of BrightLocal products.