New Bing and Edge features use AI to streamline shopping

Microsoft works to improve the online shopping experience for customers by making it less complicated.

Online shoppers face problems such as finding valid deals, determining which product reviews are credible, and navigating through a vast variety of products.

Microsoft’s shopping tools, including those on Bing, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Start, and Outlook, aim to address these vulnerabilities.

New AI-powered tools for Bing and Edge

Microsoft has introduced new e-commerce features for its Bing search engine and Edge web browser that use AI to optimize the shopping experience for users.

These new tools aim to make shopping easier, from finding items to comparing products to making a purchase.

They provide buyers with information from reputable sources that will help them make better purchasing decisions.

shopping guide

New Bing & Edge features use AI to optimize shoppingScreenshot from:, June 2023.

Bing and Microsoft Edge now offer a buyer’s guide feature to help people buy products even if they’re not sure what they want.

For example, when someone searches “student supplies” on Bing, they get customized recommendations that highlight the best options in different categories like laptops, backpacks, and calculators.

The recommendations are accompanied by easy-to-read comparison tables, where you can see details of similar products side by side.

Buying guides are currently available for users in the United States, but Microsoft plans to make them available to users in other countries over time.

Edge web browser users can find the shopping guides through the sidebar in the browser or through Bing’s chat feature.

Consolidated ratings for informed decisions

New Bing & Edge features use AI to optimize shoppingScreenshot from:, June 2023.

Choosing a product can be challenging when there are many choices and reviews to consider.

Bing Chat has a new feature, Review Summaries, which summarizes the critical points and prevailing opinions about a product.

This feature will be rolled out worldwide just in time for the start of school.

Price adjustment for the best offers

New Bing & Edge features use AI to optimize shoppingScreenshot from:, June 2023.

Microsoft has added a new price adjustment feature to its shopping tools in Bing and Edge, which can be used to track an item’s price even after it has been purchased.

If the price goes down after purchase, the feature can help you request a refund from the retailer for the difference.

Microsoft’s price match feature works with major US retailers with price match policies. It will be rolled out in more countries over time.

In total

Microsoft’s new AI-powered shopping capabilities aim to simplify parts of the online shopping experience that can often frustrate customers.

While the tools are currently limited to Bing, Edge and Start, they demonstrate the potential of AI to add value to e-commerce.

However, the AI ​​is still imperfect, so double-check their recommendations.


Featured image: ssi77/Shutterstock