New LinkedIn features enable value-based job searches

The ever-evolving employment landscape drives professionals to prioritize common values ​​when making career decisions.

A recent study indicates this 90% of US respondents think it is crucial to work for a company that shares their values, and 71% hold this view even during periods of economic instability.

Companies that emphasize their values ​​attract potential candidates and inspire existing employees, especially younger generations looking for purposeful work.

LinkedIn has observed a 154% Increase in value-related terms in entry-level positions between 2020 and 2022.

In response to these changing preferences, LinkedIn is introducing new tools designed to help job seekers find opportunities based on their values ​​and discover the platform’s top companies that offer growth prospects.

LinkedIn improves job search with value-based tools

Reworked commitment function

companies can now automatically Showcase their commitments such as work-life balance, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), career advancement, social impact, and environmental sustainability when promoting jobs on LinkedIn.

Since the launch of this feature in October, more than 40,000 companies have added commitments to their profiles.

Value-based filter & “I’m interested” button

A new filter allows job seekers to search for vacancies at companies that match their values.

Additionally, an “I’m interested” button on company pages allows job seekers to share their profiles with potential employers, streamlining the process of identifying enthusiastic candidates.

The importance of cultural compatibility

According to a LinkedIn poll 85% of Americans believe cultural compatibility with their workplace is critical to having 70% willing to quit their job for opportunities that better align with their values.

millennials (71%) and Generation Z (64%) place a special emphasis on working for organizations that are aligned with their culture and values.

LinkedIn’s top companies embrace value-based recruiting

This year’s LinkedIn Top Companies list of 50 organizations underscores that value-based recruiting is the way forward.

These companies demonstrate a commitment to values ​​including supporting working parents, promoting diversity in hiring and implementing carbon neutrality initiatives.

Important results of the survey

  • 66% of Americans see misaligned culture and values ​​as a deal breaker when considering a new job.
  • When assessing a company’s culture and values 59% of respondents prioritize work-life balance, followed by:
    • Career growth and learning (53%)
    • DEI (39%)
    • environmental compatibility (32%)
    • social influence (29%)

14 free learning courses from LinkedIn

From April 19 to June 9, LinkedIn will be offering 14 free learning courses on values ​​and culture, including:

  • Align your values ​​at work, life and everything in between with Christina Vo
  • Driving professional success with personal authenticity with Alicia Reece
  • Build a career for positive social impact with Nick Martin
  • Find a job with Chris Taylor in companies that promote diversity and inclusion
  • Green jobs for sustainable careers with Fulya Kocak Gin
  • The Employee’s Guide to Sustainability with Elizabeth Bagley
  • Human Productivity: Burnout Prove your accomplishments with Rahaf Harfoush
  • A guide to setting boundaries in the modern workplace with Hannah Wachter
  • How to create a life with meaning and purpose with Maxie McCoy

In total

The job market is changing. More and more people are looking for companies that share their values.

As such, companies that focus on work-life balance, diversity, and sustainability are likely to attract more candidates.

LinkedIn’s new features will help people find jobs that align with their values ​​and connect with employers based on common interests.

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