New report details content growth

Google has rolled out a Search Console upgrade that provides enhanced insights into content performance for properties not associated with a Google Analytics account.

This new feature includes a “Content Growth” report that shows changes in impression and click growth for top-performing content over a period of time.

This report shows the “growth” of content, which is determined by an increase in impressions or clicks when comparing the data from one time period to the next.

Google confirms that the new features are live and appearing for sites not connected to a Google Analytics property.

The company commented on the upgrade on TwitterSaying:

“Search Console Insights has been upgraded for properties not associated with Google Analytics. This includes new insights into content performance, such as your site’s most popular and trending content in search.”

These upgrades provide additional reporting, analytics, and insights that can be critical to understanding how Google Search interacts with your content.

The new report may offer more content ideas and ways to understand and engage with your customers, ultimately leading to potential improvements to your website.

Understand Google Associations

An association is a connection between a Search Console property and a property in another Google service.

For example, a Search Console property could be associated with a Google Analytics property, so data from both products could be combined and displayed in Search Console Insights.

Multiple items other than a Google Analytics property can be associated with Search Console.

For example, you might have an associated Chrome Web Store account, Android Play Store app, Play Console Developer account, Google Ads account, or Google Assistant Actions Console project.

Associations can be created and managed by owners of a Search Console property. The Link Settings page shows a site’s active and pending links.

Note that removing an association will lose its history.


This Search Console upgrade demonstrates Google’s commitment to providing valuable insights to all users, regardless of their connection to Google Analytics.

With the launch of this new report, marketers have even more tools to understand and improve the performance of their content on Google Search.

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