OpenAI increases GPT 4 messages in ChatGPT to 50

The number of messages ChatGPT Plus users can send using the GPT-4 model has increased from 25 to 50 every three hours.

OpenAI increases the GPT 4 message cap to 50 for ChatGPT Plus usersScreenshot of ChatGPT, July 2023

The new feature rolls out as some users are still reporting seeing the original message cap of 25.

Others report up to 200 messages every three hours.

Benefits of an increase in GPT-4 messages

Increasing the message limit from 25 to 50 every 3 hours in the GPT 4 model should benefit both users and developers.

With the increased limit, users can have longer and more detailed conversations without fear of exceeding their limit prematurely. This should allow for a deeper dive into the issues, exploration of more complex issues, and more comprehensive answers.

Also, users can experiment more extensively with Code Interpreter and over 700 third-party ChatGPT plugins, such as the new CapCut AI video editor, since they also run on GPT-4.

The exception is the official “Browse with Bing” plugin, which is disabled until OpenAI can prevent access to paywall content.

Companies that use GPT-4 for customer service, market research, content creation, and other operations can interact more fully with the model. A higher message limit should accept more customer requests, produce longer AI-generated content, and analyze business intelligence data faster.

Apps that use the GPT 4 model for their operation should find the higher limit useful. This increase allows apps to offer their users a more consistent, reliable, and continuous service.

Developers and AI enthusiasts can use the increased limit to train and refine the model. The expanded interactions provide more data, leading to better outcomes and improvements.

Featured image: Artie Medvedev/Shutterstock