Organic traffic and benchmarks by industry

How does your website compare to that of your competitors?

What’s the best way to identify high-value opportunities and gain more market share?

To stay one step ahead of your competitors and know where you really stand, you need access to competitive benchmarks in your industry.

By comparing your business website to the latest SEO benchmarks, you can contextualize your YTD data, set more informed KPIs, and adjust your strategies to maximize results.

Your 2023 SEO benchmark report of 600+ domains

The first step to renewed success is to use a detailed snapshot of the SEO landscape to begin analyzing industry leaders and identifying opportunities to increase your digital market share.

Join Conductor for an insightful session with SEO and content marketing experts as we take a deep dive into their 2023 Organic SEO Industry Benchmarks Report.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Sub-industry organic traffic averages for 2023.
  • Top three rich search result types by industry.
  • Top content providers by sub-industry and what you can learn from their SEO strategies.

Conductor analyzed over 600 business domains in this report and categorized them into six verticals, including finance, healthcare, retail, technology, travel and hospitality, and professional services.

These industries were further categorized into 20 sub-industries for more detailed insights.

Shannon Vize, Conductor’s Content Marketing Manager, will share key insights from the report to help you set up a successful organic SEO and content strategy for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

You can download the full report for any organic KPIs and insights you are missing, for example:

On average, 32% of all retail traffic comes from organic search. Despite having a lower traffic benchmark than other industries, the corresponding organic traffic value is the highest of any industry at $21.8 million.

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