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9 mins read

How to use the Google Ads Search Terms report

One of the most important aspects of a successful Google Ads strategy is reaching the right people with the right message during their search. To do this right, you need to know exactly how your ads are performing and what words potential customers are searching for. This is where the Google Ads search term report […]

7 mins read

Guidelines for representing your business on Google

The Google Business Profile Guidelines are the “bible” of Google Business Profiles (GBP), and are referenced and studied more often than any other article in the GBP Help Center. According to Google: To keep your information on Google high quality, follow these guidelines for local businesses. These guidelines can help you avoid common problems, including […]

3 mins read

Apple's M4 iMac: What to expect

Apple plans to update the 24-inch iMac as early as 2024, so we could see a new model with the M4 chip before the end of the year. Apple is working to overhaul the entire Mac line with AI-focused M4 chips, including the ‌iMac‌. This guide contains everything we know about Apple's plans for an […]

3 mins read

The future of content success lies in social media

Here's a challenge: Google “SEO RFP.” Click on the results and tell me how similar they are. We did the same thing every other SEO does: We asked, “What words are thematically relevant?” What topics are my competitors missing?” How can I leverage them?” AND “How can I do everything a little better than them?” […]

3 mins read

Data-Driven Decision Making: How a B2B Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

In today's fast-paced world, data is everywhere. But how can it help your business? This is where a B2B marketing consultant comes into play. It transforms data into actionable insights. These insights can refine marketing strategies. Imagine making decisions that are informed and strategic. A consultant’s expertise ensures your approach is data-driven. They offer tools […]

5 mins read

AWS Weekly Roundup – Application Load Balancer IPv6, Amazon S3 Pricing Update, Amazon EC2 Flex Instances, and More (May 20, 2024)

AWS Summit The season is in full swing around the world with the events of last week Bengaluru, BerlinAnd Seoulwhere my blog colleague Channy gave one of the keynote speeches. Last week's launches Here are some product launches that caught my attention: Amazon S3 no longer charges for multiple HTTP error codes – A customer […]