How a large bank rebuilt its cloud

Cloud Computing News

The telecommunications and banking sectors have a little more in common than you might think. While many analysts have postulated a technological future in which the two sectors grow together, there is another area of ​​similarity. Both have strong core competencies and a significant user base; Yet both still run on a lot of outdated … Read more

The Download: How to Improve Pulse Oximeters and OpenAI’s Chip Plans

Visit a healthcare facility and the first thing they will do is attach a pulse oximeter to your finger. These devices, which measure heart rate and blood oxygen, provide important information about a person’s health. But they are also flawed. In people with dark skin, pulse oximeters can overestimate the oxygen levels in their blood. … Read more

What is it and why should you care?

Amazon, a name almost synonymous with online commerce, is now opening its doors to lead-generating industries. It offers the opportunity to leverage unprecedented audience targeting capabilities. Currently, the platform offers display-only advertising campaigns – but even with this limitation, it offers businesses significant opportunities to engage with potential customers. In this article, we want to … Read more

Use social media to increase your sales • Yoast

Social media isn’t just for sharing memes and cat videos. It can be a useful tool to increase your sales or get more subscriptions. Just think about it: billions of users scroll through various social media platforms daily. Knowing how to reach them will increase your sales while connecting with your audience. Would you like … Read more

The stalkerware apps PhoneSpector and Highster appear to be shut down

The operators of two phone monitoring services appear to have closed after the owner agreed to settle government charges of illegally promoting spyware his companies developed. PhoneSpector and Highster were consumer phone monitoring apps that enabled covert monitoring of a person’s smartphone. Commonly referred to as stalkerware (or spouseware), these apps are typically installed on … Read more

13 lessons learned from 13 years of running in London

I have been running Search London, a networking event, for 13 years and it has been so successful that it has become an important part of the SEO conference calendar. I originally launched the event in October 2010, but I will be celebrating its 13th birthday on February 26, 2024 in central London. I wanted … Read more

Teams that train together win together. Send your team to SMX!

Successful search marketing requires thoughtful coordination between different teams responsible for SEO, PPC, analytics, and more. A key to promoting this coordination is a shared training experience brings teams on the same page and speaks the same languageAnd work towards a shared vision of success. Send your team to SMX masterclasses – Event Live online … Read more