Ugreen Nexode RG 65W Charger Review: A device with some real juice

The Ugreen Nexode 65W and 30W charger

I rarely look at my plugs and think, “Maybe this could be cuter,” but since I bought the Nexode RG 65 GaN charger from Ugreen, the rest of my outlets don’t look or feel fun enough anymore. A distinctive look and efficient charging could have been just a gimmick to an effective and special piece … Read more

Threat Hunting in the Public Cloud: A Practical Guide

Comic Data

Threat hunting is a proactive cybersecurity process in which specialists called threat hunters search networks and datasets to identify threats that existing automated security solutions may have missed. It’s about thinking like the attacker, anticipating their movements and countering them before they can cause damage. Threat hunting is an essential tool in our cybersecurity toolbox, … Read more

SEO Syndication vs. Press Releases: What’s the Difference?

SEO Syndication vs. Press Releases: What's the Difference?

At The HOTH, we offer many services to improve our clients’ SEO by increasing online visibility. Content creation, guest posting, and link insertion are some examples of how we improve SERP (search engine results page) rankings for our clients. Still, there’s a lot of confusion around two of our SEO offerings: article syndication and press … Read more

5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Must Know

Whether you like it or not, the Google Analytics 4 migration deadline is over. As someone who has used Google Universal Analytics for the past 10 years, this change has been difficult to deal with. The previous platform provided marketers with easy-to-use reports in a snap. It’s easy to develop a love-hate relationship with Google … Read more

Vise Intelligence wants to use AI to support financial advisors

VentureBeat presents: AI Unleashed – an exclusive event for enterprise data executives. Network and learn with industry colleagues. Learn more Of all the industries rushing into generative AI, it seems strange that we haven’t heard or reported more about fintech and financial advisors in particular. But here comes Vise to buck the trend. The seven-year-old … Read more

Apple Pay antitrust lawsuit going ahead in United States

Apple Pay A class action lawsuit alleging Apple Pay Violating antitrust laws by forcing consumers to use the Wallet app got the green light from a California judge on Wednesday. Apple Pay is an important part of the Apple ecosystem and is offered during device setup. The meaning of the Apple Wallet and his properties … Read more

The Ultimate Slack Guide for 2023

Remote work and distributed teams have increased the complexity of communication, as small details that would normally be communicated in person now need to be transformed into efficient digital interactions. Slack is a tool designed for exactly this purpose. Slack allows remote teams to manage communications from the smallest detail to large company-wide announcements more … Read more

How high-quality data connects search, content and AI success

Data is the lifeblood of search. The remarkable development of AI and the introduction of generative AI are based on data. However, the success of an innovation, a product or a technological advance depends on the quality of this data. When combining generative AI, search, and content marketing, leveraging the right data is critical. Data … Read more

Leaked Bethesda titles spark gaming frenzy

Leaked documents hint at Bethesda’s plans for fiscal years 2020 to 2024, hinting at the possible release of new Doom and Dishonored games. The strategy, which appeared online using uncensored court documents, includes previously unpublished titles in addition to expected releases. This information has created excitement among fans and they are eagerly awaiting confirmation from … Read more