Jony Ive discussing new AI hardware project with OpenAI CEO

Jony Ive became known for his role as Chief Design Officer at Apple, as he was responsible for many of the company’s important projects. I left Apple in 2019 to start his own design company. love outand has been working with partners like Airbnb And Ferrari. According to a new report, Ive is now discussing … Read more

Cloudflare points finger at hyperscalers holding cloud data captive

Cloud Computing News

According to Cloudflare, companies are losing control of their IT and security environments – and the major cloud providers hold all the keys to the lock. The web performance and security provider partnered with Forrester to publish a study that surveyed nearly 450 IT decision makers worldwide. It found that while companies were seeing a … Read more

How to Do Dental Practice SEO That Gets Results

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Good search engine optimization (SEO) can make the difference between a successful dental practice and one that is struggling to make ends meet. When patients look for a new dentist, they almost always start with a Google search. If your practice doesn’t rank at the top of the results, you’re missing out on a lot … Read more

LG dives into the foldable laptop fray

Following such as Lenovo, Asusand last P.S, LG announced a new laptop built around a single large foldable display. The device is called LG Gram Foldand starting October 4, it will be available online in South Korea for 4.99 million won (around $3,697). An international release is not yet known. Like previous foldable laptops, the … Read more

Local Pack Clustering – Understanding Google’s ranking patterns

How much do local package results depend on location? It’s no secret that SEO professionals spend a lot of time looking at search results and map packages. So much time, in fact, that we sometimes start to notice patterns. When Mordy Oberstein spotted that 2-1 ranking pattern on the map, you knew we had to … Read more

6 Questions About Redirects for SEO • Yoast

A redirect occurs when someone asks for a specific page but is redirected to another page. Often, the site owner would delete the page and set up a redirect to direct visitors and search engine crawlers to a relevant page – a much better approach than sending them annoying, experience-damaging 404 messages. Redirects play a … Read more

These new tools could make AI vision systems less biased

Traditionally, skin tone distortion in computer vision is measured using the Fitzpatrick scale, which ranges from light to dark. The scale was originally developed to measure the tanning of white skin, but has since been widely used as a tool to determine ethnicity, says William Thong, an AI ethics researcher at Sony. It is used … Read more

The one with a bank, the cloud, and SASE

Co-author of Zaheer AzizServices Incubation Lead, Cisco CX The increasing adoption of cloud and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a sign of how quickly the world of networking and security is changing. Companies use the cloud to optimize and deliver cost-effective, scalable infrastructure. In fact, we are now past the tipping point where more … Read more