Migrating to the cloud is changing business

Laurel: Well, let’s get started. So how did BP’s move to the cloud go? From your perspective, what are the biggest benefits and challenges of cloud transformation? Keisha: Yes, from my perspective, our journey was exciting, complex and a learning journey all the way. And it’s been a long time. It’s been quite a long … Read more

How to optimize your Google business name for better ranking

Did you know that your business name is the second largest ranking factor according to Whitespark’s 2023 Ranking Factor Study? Many people may assume that your business name isn’t really something you can use to support your SEO efforts, but I beg to differ. How new businesses should optimize their business name for better rankings … Read more

Introducing Google’s helpful content system update in September 2023

Google has started rolling out an update to its helpful content system. The last update to the Helpful Content system was the December 2022 Helpful Content Update. The update started on September 14th and should take approximately two weeks to be fully available. What’s new. Google said“The helpful September 2023 content update is rolling out … Read more

WhatsApp denies exploring ads on the chat app

Meta on Friday denied a media report that claimed the social giant was exploring incorporating ads into popular messaging app WhatsApp. The Financial Times previously reported that some teams at Meta had examined whether ads should be shown in conversation lists with contacts on the WhatsApp home screen. In a statement, WhatsApp said it is … Read more

driver – macOS recognizes USB CDC-ACM serial port as dialup modem

I’m recently trying to program STM32 microcontrollers on macOS and used my CMSIS DAP compatible interface to flash the microcontroller. Normally a CMSIS DAP interface would appear as a USB composite device: it contains a HID device used to access the debug port on STM32 and another as a USB CDC ACM serial port (from … Read more

The Transformative Influence of Executive Leadership

Jeff Immelt

“Leadership is the ability to transform vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis Leaders set the vision and direction for the organization, create a culture of trust and collaboration, and motivate and inspire employees to achieve their goals. You are also responsible for making difficult decisions and taking risks. Good leadership is essential for any organization … Read more

Intel’s Thunderbolt 5 doubles the speed to give gamers better and faster displays

A Plugable 2-meter Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C cable

Gamers and creative professionals can connect their computers to monitors with high 8K resolution, ultra-fast refresh rates, and higher resolution HDR with Intel’s release of Thunderbolt 5 – and share the Thunderbolt pipeline more efficiently with external drives and other devices. the chipmaker said on Tuesday. The latest version of the technology is twice as … Read more

Apple Unveils iPhone 15 With Changes to Its USB-C Charger

Every September for the past decade, Apple has brought together media from around the world for a marketing event celebrating the creative achievements behind its latest iPhone. It highlighted the shine of the phone’s exterior, the molding around its cameras and the power of its processors. But this year, Apple’s elite designers and engineers adapted … Read more