Send photos and receive AI-generated images
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Send photos and receive AI-generated images

Snapchat My AI Snaps allows users to send photos to the My AI chatbot and receive AI-generated images in return, demonstrating the AI ​​image processing capabilities of ChatGPT and GPT-4.

Snapchat initially released the new My AI Snaps feature to Snapchat+ subscribers to encourage feedback and make improvements before rolling it out to all users. For reference, Snapchat launched My AI on March 6th for Snapchat+ users and released it to all users on April 19th.

Read on to learn how to use My AI Snaps and the potential of My AI conversations for advertisers targeting younger audiences.

How to send photos to my AI and receive my AI snapshots

Snapchat+ users with access to My AI can send a photo snap to the chatbot in the same way as sending snaps to friends.

Snapchat will notify you based on your notification preferences when My AI replies to your Snap.

Snapchat my AI notificationSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

Depending on the analysis of your snap, My AI will send a snap in response.

Snapchat, my AI is snappingSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

These examples of My AI Snaps show that it has great potential, but there is still a lot to do when it comes to image interpretation.

Snapchat, my AI is snappingSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

You can save or take a screenshot of snaps that My AI sends in chat.

Snapchat, save my AI in chatSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

My AI doesn’t always send a snap in response. Sometimes it only provides a text-based response to your snap.

At the time of testing, my AI couldn’t understand snaps sent from photos in my camera roll. But that will likely change in the not too distant future.

Snapchat, my AI doesn't understand Camera Roll SnapSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

Snapchat My AI ads and new advertising opportunities

In addition to sending and receiving Snaps, My AI will show ads in select conversations. Ad relevance can be a godsend in relation to the discussion at hand.

Snapchat My AI ad examplesSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

Ads in My AI conversations offer advertisers the ability to use generative AI to reach a growing ad audience that includes:

  • 13-17 year old users: 125.6 million – 19.9% ​​of total advertising audience.
  • 18-24 year old users: 243.5 million – 38.6% of total advertising audience.
  • 25-34 year old users: 145.9 million – 23.2% of total advertising audience.

You can see the potential for advertising in Snaps from My AI. My AI could recommend fashion, restaurants, recipes, and other relevant products or services in Snap conversations.

Snapchat my AI snap examplesSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

While ads don’t appear in image snaps, they do appear in My AI conversations after sending and receiving snaps.

Snapchat my AI adsSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

Considering users can invite My AI to group chats, it’s only a matter of time before most Snapchatters become comfortable with AI-powered conversations.

Snapchat web interface with my AI

Although Snapchat is available through a web interface in desktop browsers, many My AI features are only accessible through the iOS or Android app.

Instead of the ads served by Snapchat My AI, the following message appears:

Not supported on the web
Check what’s been sent on your phone!

When My AI sends a snap, the following message is displayed:

New snap
Open the mobile app to view

Snapchat my ai on the web interfaceSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

However, you can view the My AI profile in a desktop browser and add it to your friends.

Snapchat my AI profileSnapchat screenshot, June 2023

The Future of Snapchat: My AI Snaps and Ads

The integration of My AI Snaps is a massive advance, bridging the realms of social interaction with advanced AI capabilities.

While there are areas for improvement in image interpretation and overall safety, the platform’s potential is huge, particularly in providing novel advertising opportunities to reach younger audiences.

As technology advances, we can expect Snapchat My AI to transform the way users interact with generative AI, delivering a personalized social media experience and a new set of advertising opportunities.

Featured image: Ink Drop/Shutterstock