The future of the “everything app”

After a radical rebranding over the weekend, Twitter is now X.

The iconic bird logo has been replaced with a new X logo across the social network, and the official @Twitter account has also been renamed X.

Twitter becomes X: The future of the “everything app”Screenshot by X/Twitter, July 2023

Elon Musk, who bought the former social network Twitter in October 2022, has been hinting at the impending switch to Twitter for months.

X was mentioned when new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino joined the team.

For those who follow Musk, the rebranding comes as no surprise, as he has mentioned plans for a comprehensive social platform that will offer more than just text-based updates.

Planned years ago, the new platform includes a credibility rating to make it easier to spot bots and disinformation.

Rather than creating a new platform from scratch, buying Twitter accelerated plans for X by three to five years.

According to Yaccarino, X wants to become a universal marketplace for ideas, products and services based on artificial intelligence.

The platform that once changed global communication promises unlimited interactivity in the future.

Twitter’s stakeholders have long desired more meaningful innovation, and X is the solution whose emergence has already been evident in numerous recent feature launches.

Yaccarino and Musk anticipate continued growth and are excited to launch X globally.

As X continues to take over the Twitter brand, the domain will be redirected to the Twitter website.

Twitter becomes X: The future of the “everything app”Screenshot from, July 2023

The domain was once home to Musk’s X/PayPal banking business.

Twitter becomes X: The future of the “everything app”Screenshot from, July 2023

The branding on the official website appeared to be a cross between X Corp and the soon-to-be-gone Twitter bird.

Twitter becomes X: The future of the “everything app”Screenshot from Twitter, July 2023

What happens to embedded tweets?

In addition to questions about the rebrand, others are also interested in how the move to and other changes affect features like embedded tweets.

John Mueller, proponent of Google search, noticed the unreliable functioning of embeds.

We reached out to X/Twitter for comment. Twitter autoresponder press@ updated from ???? to “We’ll get back to you soon”.

The future of X

As we look to the horizon of this digital revolution, the potential for AI integration in X becomes an intriguing possibility, especially given Musk’s existing AI company xAI.

Bringing cutting-edge technology from xAI together in the X-Super app could be game-changing and push the boundaries of how we interact with digital platforms. Twitter becomes X under Musk, offering unlimited interaction via AI-powered capabilities, redefining the reach of the global city square.”

That’s the promise of X – an immersive, seamless digital ecosystem.

The dawn of this new era certainly deserves our attention as X is poised to redefine Twitter and the social media landscape and beyond.

Featured image: bluecat_stock/Shutterstock