The incredible ways to get SEO traffic without ever ranking
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The incredible ways to get SEO traffic without ever ranking

Let’s face it, when it comes to driving online traffic, the quality of SEO traffic can’t be beat.

When you compare it to other online traffic sources including PPC, affiliate partners, email and SMS, you usually find that SEO comes first in terms of average time on site, low bounce rates and conversion rates . Those navigating organic SEO search tend to take their time and make informed and more careful decisions – resulting in higher conversion rates and more qualified customers.

However, the obstacle with SEO is that it can take several months or even years and requires incredible expertise to achieve positions in the top search results on Google. However, just because you don’t rank at the top of Google doesn’t mean you can’t access the highest quality SEO traffic and even hold multiple positions – without even ranking your own website.

In this article, we speak to some industry experts and startups to understand how you can access SEO traffic, whether your website ranks or not.

Check who is already on page 1

You might think that SEO for your business means optimizing your own website and getting them ranked, but why not think about who is already on page 1 and if you can collaborate with them in any way. From price comparison sites to news sites to individual brands, there might be a way to help them monetize their traffic or collaborate in some way.

“As a broker, we have a lot more freedom when it comes to search engine optimization than other big brands and institutions,” explains Justine Gray, founder of online mortgage broker Deedle.

“Big companies and banks are very nervous and compelled by compliance regulations to put a lot of content on their websites and make regular updates. But for a small team like us, it’s very easy.”

“In some ways we have a better chance of being on page 1 than a large company – and that leads to companies of all sizes trying to work with us. You may find that there are too many internal barriers to doing good SEO for yourself, but we are open to working together.”

Using top 10 lists

“Top 10 lists have a very strong ranking advantage on Google,” explains Sithara Ranasinghe, co-founder of health insurance site MediCompare.

“There are certain industries where Google prefers top 10 listings to a traditional website. If you’re looking for something casino-related or technical topics like email marketing or the best software, you usually won’t find individual sites on page 1, but rather review pages or collection pages listing ten different options.”

“I think Google likes this more impartial offering to a customer and the ability to see and compare different products. So, if you are new to the market or looking to generate SEO traffic, you should simply reach out to someone who is already on page 1 with a top 10 list, or try to get one from a high domain authority website to create.”

“There are sites that are very good at this, like CNet and Forbes, that use their authority and strong domain – and there’s no reason you can’t have multiple listings on page 1 and clean up the SEO traffic, regardless of what where you rank. ”

Use of price comparison sites

Price comparison sites for products like mortgages, credit cards, hotel bookings, travel insurance, and even technology have grown huge over the last decade.

“With Google, being a price comparison site can be an advantage,” explains Mark Gomer of Proper Finance. “You’re targeting so many products and you can gain backlinks across multiple industries and also benefit from people shopping there, which increases your users’ overall time on site.”

“If done well, you might rank really well on some products and not on others, but ultimately you can focus your energy on what you’re doing.”

“If we have a strong Google position in mortgages or secured loans, we could potentially work with 50 or 100 companies to help clients compare the best rates—all of which get access to SEO traffic even if they don’t rank overall.”

Use of news sites with high domains

There are so many SEO factors to deal with such as good technical optimization, website speed and quality content. But sometimes, a good backlink residue and high domain authority is the quickest and easiest way to rank on Google and get on page 1 for keywords.

“If you look at major news sites, they are typically link magnets because of their authority – and they often collect a lot of links from other agencies like schools, universities, councils and governments,” explains Richard Allan, founder of the funding platform. capital bean.

“So if you create a landing page on your own site, you may have to wait months or years to build authority — or you may not rank at all. But if you’ve taken that landing page with the right keywords and intention-driven content, and placed that article on a major news site like SF Gate or Forbes, you can sometimes rank for it very quickly using their domain authority.”

“If you use less competitive industries or more tailored long-tail keywords, they may not be used to having a site with a 60 or 70 domain authority on page 1, and when you publish a new article, you get a quick indexability. It’s a news site and can often hit page 1 within a day just because it’s available on Google News.”

Final Thoughts

SEO traffic is incredibly high quality and coveted, but as any SEO expert will tell you, it takes a long time to reach and doesn’t always last forever.

But as our experts point out, ranking on Google doesn’t necessarily have to be solely about your own website. By seeing who is on page 1 and using high domain authority websites to onboard your business, you can hold multiple positions. And given Google’s volatility, you can use these techniques to stay on page 1 at all times.

We leave you with one final question: Why take a page 1 position when you can have several?