This Week in Data: Decoding the Generative AI Mania

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Generative AI is everywhere. It’s in our apps, our databases, our dashboards, our phones. Tech and data leaders are probably wondering, “How am I going to exploit the GM AI craze?” This week, a “special guest” joins Bruno’s CarCast to help decode the mania.

This CarCast also covers some of last week’s must-have resources and key resources to watch out for next week. For example:

  • The Boston Consulting Group just released interesting data on where CIOs should focus their efforts in Gen AI, which use cases they should select to get started with, and more importantly, how they should prioritize their work. The answer is not a stack rank, but a quadrant.
  • AI in Sales: Did you know that one in five executives are not getting value from their sales app? Why this? Most likely because they are using AI at the wrong time in their sales cycle.
  • How does Gen AI impact cybersecurity?! Ben Lorica’s podcast offers an approach to this emerging problem (“Inside the Mind of a Hacker”). A good resource to listen to before important cyber events, Crowdstrikes Fal.Con and Mandiant mWise next week!

This CarCast also includes: “How to Explain Vector Databases to a 5-Year-Old,” “Eight Ways Chief Data Officers Can Demonstrate Value,” and “Why Gen AI is Just a Phase”…

Have a great week!


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Bruno Aziza is head of data and analytics at Google Cloud.


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