Upcoming changes to restoring suspended or disabled Google business profiles

Google has introduced a new process to reinstate suspended or disabled Google Business Profiles (GBP) in the European Union. A global rollout is expected in the future.

The process so far has been relatively simple. You received an email and filled out a form that was reviewed by a support engineer. Suspensions typically occurred for suspicious activity or policy violations, and denials often gave vague reasons.

In the old system, you had multiple ways to appeal, allowing for multiple responses, requests for further review, and community engagement for additional input.

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The new process

The new process provides greater transparency by indicating which policy has been violated, such as a content violation. However, it does not contain any additional information beyond notices about the violation itself. Your only option now is to apply for reinstatement, which simplifies the process but does not allow for multiple avenues for appeal. When you begin the reinstatement process, you have 60 minutes to provide the necessary business credentials.

This is how the new process works:

  1. You will receive an email informing you of the suspension, along with a note indicating which policy was violated and a link to the relevant section of the policy.

  2. To start the process, log in to the profile in question. Make sure you are using the account that has access to the profile. Agency accounts may take longer to load.

  3. Once you’ve selected your profile, you’ll be taken to an important screen where you’ll need to act quickly. You have 60 minutes to compile and upload your proof of business. If you miss this window, your proof will not be considered.

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Source: Sherry Bonelli

Things to remember:

  • You only have one chance to apply for reinstatement, so don’t miss this opportunity.
  • There is no timer during the 60 minute window.
  • You can use one ZIP file to submit multiple proofs.
  • You should receive an email notification if your reinstatement is successful.

If your reinstatement is unsuccessful or you don’t receive a response, you can contact a product expert in the Google Business Profile community. Unfortunately, there is no formal appeals process via support.

In summary, the new reinstatement process will initially be rolled out in the European Union and a global rollout is expected in the future. It offers improved transparency, a strict one-time application window and a limited time frame for gathering the necessary evidence. It’s important to be prepared and act quickly if your Google business profile is suspended.

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