Upgrade to the new Search Ads 360 by 2024

Google announced the latest improvements to Search Ads 360 to deliver a more efficient and user-friendly experience with cross-channel campaign support and features to meet the needs of enterprise advertisers.

Google encourages advertisers to upgrade soon. The new Search Ads 360 experience will be available to advertisers ahead of the planned April 2024 shutdown of the previous version.

What is Search Ads 360?

Search Ads 360 is part of the Google Marketing Platform, built for advertisers to manage cross-channel search campaigns with enterprise-level capabilities for ad campaign creation, delivery, and optimization.

What are the new Search Ads 360 features?

The new platform offers improved support for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo! Japan and Baidu.

  • Google Ads support in the new Search Ads 360 offers text, image, display, video, and app ad formats.
  • Microsoft Advertising campaign settings allow advertisers to control spend, location targeting, and campaign optimization.

There are also new features such as templates, Performance Center and improved reporting capabilities.

  • Templates, an automated campaign builder for dynamic advertising campaigns, could help advertisers with frequently changing inventory and seasonal promotions.
  • The Performance Center in Search Ads 360 can streamline planning, budgeting, and reporting.
  • Reporting and attribution improvements could enable a seamless transition with updated historical data, intuitive workflows, and a flexible reporting API for custom reports.

What should advertisers do now?

Advertisers can check the Experience Hub or monitor in-product notifications to see when they’re eligible for the new Search Ads 360 experience.

Google recommends that advertisers upgrade before April 2024 to switch off the previous version.

It should allow them to simplify the management of cross-channel advertising campaigns and improve performance and efficiency.

According to Google, the new Search Ads 360 platform is highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of enterprise advertisers.

With a new user interface, the platform improves enterprise workflows by offering advertisers new ways to centralize and scale their day-to-day tasks and key activities.

Google’s 2022 blog post provides more detailed information on the additional features and improvements made to the platform.

Regarding customer support and resources for enterprise advertisers using the new Search Ads 360 platform, Google has confirmed that there will be no changes to existing customer support for SA360.

This means advertisers can continue to work with their account managers, who will guide them through the upgrade process and provide assistance where needed.

Why would Google make these changes?

Google hopes to improve advertisers’ experiences and help them achieve better results through better cross-channel search campaign management.

In addition, the new platform feature can help Google remain competitive in the advertising technology market by responding to the current needs of its users.

Featured image: sdx15/Shutterstock